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What Katrina Kaif Can Teach Us About Being Fit!

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What Katrina Kaif Can Teach Us About Being Fit!



Katrina Kaif is one of the few actresses of the country who carries off her sexy curves, boldly and beautifully. All this in a decade’s time. Every time Katrina’s magic has hit the silver screen she has exploded as a firework. The Sheila and Chameli of Bollywood, she mesmerizes us with her sizzling and seductive curves and of course her killer dance moves. She has maintained her figure ever since she started her bollywood career and she never entered into the size zero fray. She wishes to work in simple roles where she can eat what she wants to. But given her dedication, when she was asked to tone up for Sheila ki Jawaani in Tees Maar Khan, she pulled up her socks and followed a strict regime to shed some more kilos. She transformed not only her diet but also altered her entire lifestyle. As her trainer Pradeep Bhatia revealed that Katrina made a complete overhaul in her lifestyle with a healthy mind and diet accompanied by a determination that made her train even at midnight owing to her packed schedule. Her dedication became the reasons behind the Sheila look.
This is How Katrina Kaif Works out!

  1. Jogging: Even if she is not able to spare time for her workout regime, she manages a healthy jogging session every morning. This keeps her warmed up. And she makes sure she doesn’t skip this.
  2. Swimming and Cycling: The ever charming is very well aware of what it takes to maintain the sexiness of her toned body. Therefore she manages to escape time for a fat burning and calorie blasting cycling as well as swimming session.
  3. Yoga: To maintain and also enhance the flexibility of her body, Katrina practises yoga on a regular basis. She’s found to be really fond of yoga.
  4. Gym: This damsel can make hearts sink. Her gyming sessions are to be blamed for this. Katrina manages to workout thrice a week and invests an hour every day. Katrina’s trainer keeps her exercises alternating between pilates, ab and core exercises like iso-planks, swimming and jogging. While training for Dhoom-3 her regimen included stretching, exercises for flexibility, acrobat training as well as other regular exercises.
  5. Meditation: This is another secret for katrina’s improving performances on screen. She meditates to keep herself focused, concentrated and firm.

Katrina Kaif’s Diet Plan:

  1. Katrina believes in eating healthy and at the right time so that she can maintain her figure while not even missing out some delicacies she loves.
  2. While of course she does not munch on junk like pizzas and pastas as they can never make you lose your weight but she loves eating Chinese and Japanese fish based delicacies specially grilled fish which is her favourite.
  3. Her diet includes loads of fresh fruits and vegetables which she munches on during her hunger pangs. Also she has reduced her starch consumption to the amount required by preferring boiled vegetables to rice.
  4. Her breakfast is the heaviest meal preceded by a very healthy habit of consuming 4 glasses of water in the morning that keeps her glowing throughout the day. Her breakfast includes brown bread for the starch and peanut butter and egg whites for the protein. Interestingly she gave up on chicken which is a rich source of protein as it contains fat.
  5. Her lunch is a simple affair of grilled fish, green salad, brown rice and legumes.
  6. For dinner she restricts herself to only egg whites and soups.

To beat that alarmingly hot body, with super perfect curves, you got to follow what you just read. It takes none other but Katrina kaif to acquire a body that’s so jaw droppingly good to be in.

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