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11 Convincing Reasons to Start Running


11 Convincing Reasons to Start Running



Sunny day, clear weather and breeze blowing – a perfect day for running and cardio exercise. You would love to put on your shoes and go for a run. But there are no perfect situations or perfect picturesque to run all the time. If you want to start a running habit, the perfect weather will not always be there to convince you. You would need more reasons to motivate yourself to sweat out when the weather is not perfect.  This is why we have put down a list of 11 Reasons that shall convince you to run daily.


Explore New Routes

The best thing about running is you can run anytime and anywhere. Treadmill, park or any other place that you like. If you have runner’s shoes, you can run almost anytime. To make it better or “convincing” for you, try to find new places where you can do your cardio.

Network with New People

The second best thing about running is that you can make new friends. Try and find new running groups over websites like Eg. Indian Rocks Beach Running Club or better you can start your own group near your area. You can also catch your dog or a friend of yours to join you. A partner or a community can motivate you to run daily.

Save Money

Instead of spending money over expensive gym equipment or gym memberships, all you need here is the right footwear and you are good to go.

No more doctor visits

It has been observed that people who run often are fit and visit doctors on rare instances. So a run a day will keep your doctor away.

Run to Look Sexy

Running makes you leaner, fitter, slimmer and sexier. If you are lean, fit and slim, you can fit yourself in all those skinny jeans that you threw long back when you gained ounce of weight.

Eat it, Burn it

If you are fit and lean, you can have your favorite pasta or spaghetti or whatever you like. You officially get permission from your soul to have all those yummy delicacies. Eat it & then burn it.

Facial Glow

Sweating helps you to get rid-off from toxic waste from pores of your skin. So more you run, more you sweat, the more the glow on your face. Wish to have a beautiful face that is unmatched? Go out and run for a pretty face.

Run well, sleep well

Those who run regularly have a sound sleep. Also if you have been running, then you are going to sleep better. If you are going to sleep better, you are going to feel energetic at the start of the day. If you are going to feel energetic, you are going to have a terrific day.

Improve your stamina

Making any workout bit playful is always an advantage. And when you improve upon some key factors like stamina, strength and endurance, it’s totally worth it. There’s nothing better than improving your body performance. You will love yourself for that.

Fulfill your goals

Had a dream of running a marathon? Or wished to have a figure that would make all your friends proud about you? Achieve it. Here’s we put together an ultimate guide to train yourself to run a 5k.

Runner’s high

Regular Runners have experienced high levels of energy and pleasure because of runner’s high. It’s not delusional anymore. Runner’s high is for real. Find more about runner’s high on this article : The Science Behind Runner’s high.

Hey you! You runner out there! Have we missed out on something? If yes then share your views in the comment below. What motivates you to run every day? Let others know your secret!

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