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Workout Trends helps you DESIGN an action plan for your life, a program you can follow despite the demands of a BUSY lifestyle, the one that can get you RESULTS. Learn what WORKS and what DOESN'T for your fitness goals.

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Guest Posting Guidelines


How we ensure quality in our articles

To know the kind of articles we publish, you can either browse through the website or go through the basic points here:

1. Word count

1200-2000 (Preferably). From our experience, we know that it takes more than a 1000 words to develop a valuable content. Our most loved articles are those that have addressed the subject matter completely and removed all the guess work of a reader. And frankly, these posts are nowhere under 1000.

2. Tone

Entertaining and accessible. Simple English. Most people are not aware of the technical terms or industry specific jargon used by experts. So, we keep it simple and conversational (devoid of curse or swear words). In case, use of a specific term seems indispensable, we educate our readers by including its meaning in braces or at the end of the article.

3. Structure

We begin our articles with a riveting thought or daily life observation, an issue maybe. Then, by means of short well-crafted paragraphs we address the topic under clear sub-heads or bullet points. Each article ends on a positive note with either a call-to-action or a conclusive thought.

4. Originality

All our articles are authentic and unique. Not published or replicated anywhere on the internet. We expect the same from you too. Your guest post must pass the Copyscape test. We retain all rights once it is published. This means, you cannot re-publish it on your personal blog. You may however, link to it anytime.

5. Value Addition

Most magazines publish the latest news in health and fitness but leave the reader confused on the application aspect of this new information. We too cover news but with an aim to make sense for any eighth grader. That’s quite a task!

6. Sources

You’ll find us giving full credit to all sources and citations we have used in drafting a post. Our sources include only the top-notch trustworthy news portals, institutions like Harvard, Oxford, etc. and medical journals.

Think you can do that? Welcome aboard!

Your post is most likely to get published, if:

  1. You send a unique, insanely useful and in-depth content. This is to say that it does not repeat what already is being covered on other websites. Even if it does, we are sure you can find a fresh angle to it and write in a way that is delivers more value than the rest. Value, yep. That’s your cue!
  2. You begin with an awesome thrilling pitch. You have crafted a well-researched, valuable and entertaining piece, but your opening paragraph can easily dethrone a lullaby?? Well, then stay assured, it’ll neither be read nor shared. We’re not kidding here. You need to grab your reader’s attention from the word go.
  3. It provides clear and actionable tips. Our aim here at Workout Trends is to remove all the guesswork from our readers’ lives. So, if you are giving out tips, make every effort to bring out the clarity. They have to be crisp and spot-on. “Inhale, turn left with count of two, exhale” See that?!
  4. It is a drool worthy recipe with an equally enticing self-clicked picture. Before trying it out in kitchen, people eat with their eyes. So, provide a high resolution self-clicked image of the finished dish prepared by you. If you are sending a detailed step-by-step image sequence, you’ve got us!
  5. It is a personal essay. Our readers love to read anecdotes of real people. Telling them that you are not very different from them, will connect you both in more than one way. But, the essay has to be health/fitness related and must depict your growth (mental/physical/emotional), a shift in perspective.

Your post is likely to get rejected, if:

  1. It is stuffed with keywords and written for the sole purpose of boosting SEO. We look forward to deliver quality to our readers and not build up an article bank. All guest posts should align with our philosophy and strictly adhere to the guidelines.
  2. It is trying to promote a product or has affiliate links. We are a review website too, but our goal is to give a fair review of a product. Unbiased in every sense. We do not endorse any product, as our readers are smart enough to make a choice for themselves.
  3. It has irrelevant links or not enough credible sources to support the information. Any well-researched article in health and fitness industry calls for at least four good references. However, do not limit yourself to mere four. News articles, research papers, peer-reviewed articles; add as much as you can. But, relevant.
  4. It requires heavy editing. Before you send your piece, run a thorough grammar and spell-check. Don’t expect us to edit it, except for the minor editions that elevate the overall content quality. Also, make someone proofread it for you, so you can know what kind of impression it supposedly would make.

Writer’s Help

  1. Since we cover health and fitness, anything in that regard would be highly welcomed. But, if you can creatively whip other topics like politics, finance or astrology with health and fitness, you stand a good chance.
  2. Use an outline to write your piece. Go step by step. Instead of shelling out everything you know, think about the questions that might crop up in mind of a reader. And just stick to them.
  3. Once you are finished writing your article, it is a good idea to sleep on it, and take a fresh read the next day. Ensure your post opens with a bang and ends on another bang, with all questions answered, and still generating further curiosity.

Other Important Considerations:

  1. Articles must be 100% original.
  2. Your article may be edited prior to publishing. Final approval will be made by the editor.

Thanks for your interest in guest posting for us. Look forward to hear from you soon!

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