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10 Best Fitness Magazines To Subscribe To

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10 Best Fitness Magazines To Subscribe To



Before, scrolling down to the list, ask yourself, ‘Why subscribe to a Fitness Magazine?’

Well, do you know, maximum gym subscriptions are done in month of January? Obviously, as they annoyingly manage to find a place in our list of resolutions, year after year. Do you know why? Because most gym subscriptions are cancelled in month of February every year and the list of resolutions is lost between other more important To Do’s of our life. Anyway, the point is, an annual subscription of a fitness magazine comes like a gentle reminder to how health should also be one of our priorities.

So, I skimmed the stands to find various fitness magazines you can subscribe to, depending on your schedule, interests and goals. Now, these are not in order of their quality. All are very good in their particular target segment. Go explore!


1. Men’s Health [Print + Kindle] & Women’s Health

With its annual 10 issues, these two magazines help readers stay fit by giving practical tips on health, fitness, diet, sex, career, relationships, grooming and topics of general interest. The magazine is focused on motivating readers to stay fit and feel good about themselves on a daily basis by providing them easy ways to incorporate a healthy routine into their busy schedules.

2. Shape [Print + Kindle]

Focusing on overall, well-rounded health, it has to be every woman’s must subscription. Not only does the magazine abreast you with health and fitness’ latest info, it has amazing articles on nutrition, weight loss recipes and psychology. Get to know the best and latest trends in fashion and fitness world. To motivate you better, they have a unique success story feature too.

3. Weight Watchers Magazine

A boon for those looking to shed pounds or gain some. Weight Watchers is an ultimate magazine that touches every aspect of your weight loss schedule. From diet to snacking on the go, from aerobics to exercising with your pets to conditioning your mind and body. This magazine is a have it all. A perfect buddy in your emotional journey of  physical transformation.

4. Flex [Print + Kindle]

As the name suggests, its for those who want to bulk up muscles with champion level workout routines. The most informative magazine on bodybuilding you’ll ever find on stands. Be it any contest or scientific advice, with this magazine, you can be sure to know it first. Flex comes loaded with competitor profiles, tips and tricks to make any workout more effective and everything else a bodybuilder ought to know.

5. Trail Runner Magazine

A comprehensive guide for runners on training outdoors for a better athletic performance. Devoted to off-road running, this magazine boasts of expert advice on improving technique along with keeping you motivated with beautiful photographs. Keep yourself updated with latest news in fitness world, newest gears and nutrition guides for runners of all age and ability.

6. Bicycling

Be sure to know everything about the world of bicycling with this magazine. Dedicated solely to the love of bicycling it comes across as a comprehensive guide on all kinds of bicycling – road to mountain to leisure. The one of its kind magazine includes information on all aspects of bicycling like latest gears, training plans, product review, expert advice, etc.

7. Prevention [Print + Kindle]

Living true to its name, Prevention, provides relevant and practical information on staying fit. Find expert advice, weight loss and anti-aging tips, home remedies and ways to keep health problems at bay. Be sure to get reliable information to help you have a healthy lifestyle. Being one of the oldest magazines of America, it focuses not only on the young, but middle aged and beyond.

8. Swimming World Magazine

Designed ideally for swimmers, its an amazing magazine for anyone who enjoys the low-impact and refreshing workout that swimming is. It serves as a great resource for trainers, coaches, parents and individuals. Extremely well written, every issue unfailingly includes latest news and updates from the aquatic sport with diet tips and trends in fitness.

9. Yoga Journal

Promoting a healthy and spiritual lifestyle the nature’s holistic way, Yoga Journal stocks poses, tips, diet plans, celebrity interviews and everything Yoga. The best magazine on the ancient tradition of yoga, it gives off information on mastering a style and pose with essential tips to beginners. Along with that, you may find articles on motivation, relaxation and staying positive.

10. Backpacker

Devoted to those adventurous souls who feel their fit life is outside those four walls of gym. Providing information on wilderness travel guides, hiking sites, backpacking better and everything that pumps up your adrenaline, this magazine is complete with maps and wonderful pictures to get you started. If you think a camping trip is something that truly tests your fitness, then Backpacker is made for you.

With that we come to the end of the list. I tried including a name for each group. There are thousands out there. You can choose any. Just keep in mind the point is to stay motivated, healthy and happy !!

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