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Eat This, Not That! – Breakfast Lunch Dinner


Eat This, Not That! – Breakfast Lunch Dinner

complete guide to healthy eating breakfast lunch diner

Complete Guide to Healthy Eating

Disclaimer: This article is particularly for those who are not so particular about their diet. This is for the masses. Who are not too harsh on themselves when it comes to their diet.

We educate our brains out. Work our asses off. Weave the web of success. Widen our life and its style. But what benefits does all this serve if we’re not even aware of what diet we should be gulping in. Breakfast, lunch and dinner form the basic three-tier-system of our daily food intakes. Swallow every word that follows. Which tell you what footprints do they leave you with, when you chose to let go any one of them. Either Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.
They say, Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dine like a pauper.
You’re entitled to follow the trend. But in the moments to come, you will acknowledge yourself with all the why’s and what’s of breakfast, lunch and dinner. What meal suits which time band.
I’m sure, for many these facts will be exposed as some jaw dropping trivia.


You haste every approaching minute in the morning. Trying to kick start the day by skipping on your breakfast. Eating a Healthy Breakfast is THE MOST important part. It won’t sound overrated if I say, ‘of your life’.
The next time you do it, remind yourself of this study. It reveals that you tend to earn yourself a couple of more pounds by not having your breakfast. If only you were thinking it to be the other way round. [1]

What happens if I skip my Breakfast?

When you miss your breakfast, you tend to eat more the very next time you eat anything. You know what that means! Yeah right, overeating. Having not to eat anything in the morning implies you haven’t eaten anything since the last night.
This grounds the reason for breakfast being termed as breakfast. You break the fast post your dinner last night.
Now expecting your body to support your energy levels with what you had in dinner until your lunch the next day is like expecting moon on your terrace. All it leads to is fatigue. Chronic diseases. Frustration. Dissatisfaction from body shape. Ill-performance. Lack of concentration.
I googled further only to learn that studies also claim that men who skip breakfast have elevated chances of heart disease risk. Women are no less affected. Females lying in the age group of 15-25 years of age who skip breakfast, tend to distort their figures by gaining weight by the time they reach 35-40 years’ of age.

So eat breakfast as if you’re a clone of the richest man alive.

What should I include in my Breakfast?

Glad you asked that. Shows you’re provoked to spare time for your breakfast. So answering back your question, Breakfast should include anything that boosts your energy. Anything that could also be easily digested.
Now due to obvious reasons you won’t find me scribbling recipes for a healthy breakfast. But the good news is, you shall be learning what all essential nutrients you ought to include in your breakfast. Glue your eyes to what follows.

  • Whole GrainsKick the Carb-diet butt. Chose whole grain instead. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. And Full of fiber of course. Whole Grain bread is the easiest to grab, from the vendor nearest to you. Others alternatives may include Oatmeal, whole grain cereals or whole grain English muffins.
  • Proteins: Carbohydrates are usually included in breakfasts. Boosting your morning energies with proteins is a super-awesome idea. Try skimmed milk or eggs or both. They are sure to shoot your protein level enough to break your day with kick ass energy.
  • Fiber. You can keep your body’s fiber call at bay by opting fruits vegetables and whole grains. Fiber aids in digestion. Apples, oats, oranges, nuts etc are enriched with fiber. Insoluble fiber is another gateway to your turbo-charged day. Seeds, fruits, whole grains, vegetables – they are all rich in insoluble fiber.
  • Calcium :- Calcium has won its familiarity for strengthening of bones. A Smoothie accompanied with some fruit and a glass of skimmed milk is also an economic way to earn calcium for your bones. Also a fat free yogurt sandwich serves the same purpose.


Lunch, an abbreviation of ‘Luncheon‘ is, familiar for being the mid day meal. Well as mentioned above, the importance of breakfast can not be paralleled. True that! But so cannot the value of Lunch be overlooked. It is not the breakfast or the lunch or for that matter dinner that matters. These are mere terminologies. I call them disguised pathways to intake the optimum level of nutrients. Keeping yourself from these nutrients for a prolonged period of time of the day would be the most horrible thing you could do to yourself.

What happens when I skip my Lunch?

What should I include in my Lunch?

Well there are many options to satiate your appetite over your mid day meals. Scroll down your eye balls to learn what all nutrients you can munch in your lunch.


Evening is the time post 4pm – 5 ish which stretches may be until dusk approaches. You may also term this time period as the ‘snacking time’. Evening snacks are just a way to feed your gut between lunch and dinner time. So that you do not die off famishing till the time your dinner’s ready. So why not eat something nutritionally beneficial!

What will happen if I skip evening snacks?

Well not many people are habitual of evening snacks. But those who are, are to quite an extent addicted to it. The addiction may follow from the tea intake which form an integral part of your evening time snacking. Cookies and other stuff are usually taken along with the evening tea.
If you skip evening meals, the acids that your stomach normally produces, does not get anything to react with. This leads to a decrease in the acid’s PH level. Therefore, the acidity of these acids increases to quite an extent.
This is decently bearable if you skip your evening snacks. But if this practice is extended to a prolonged period and more disastrously everyday, then read what happens to you. The acids being talked about start eating the inner lining your body. That is, in other words, the body starts feeding on itself. This, if not looked after for an ignorantly longer time, you tend to get Ulcers.

What can I eat as my evening snacks?

  • First of all people usually prefer tea or coffee, which take the pride in being rich with oxidants. Too much of tea, coffee is not good for health. Anyways to balance it out, cookies can be accompanied with them.
  • Walnuts, cashews, nuts form other options.
  • Light salads would be the healthiest choices to have as an evening snack.
  • The above mentioned options provide you with healthy fats also termed as ‘friendly fats’. Friendly fats remove unhealthy fats from your heart.


Dinner is the meal that we eat during night. Usually not around bed time but roughly 2-3 hours before you actually go to sleep. Not a rocket science to explain this fact. If you eat dinner just before you go to sleep, there are chances of heart burn. You may not be comfortable sleeping well. This may also lead to skip breakfast. Which by now you already know is as dangerous as gulping in a slow poison. This might as well increase your weight.

What will happen if I skip my dinner?

Well, by now you should be able to answer that. You last ate during lunch or may be evening snacks. A Significantly huge delay occurs until you eat your breakfast the next day. This delay is caused by the Sleeping time. You got to eat not much but at least something to get your system going the entire night. Waking up with your body craving you for food wouldn’t be heartily welcomed by everyone.

The next big Question.

What can I have for dinner?

If you’ve followed a diet as mentioned above, the entire day long, you should not really bother yourself much for dinner. Dine like a pauper, like literally a blue collar. Reasons endorsing this fact say that its easier to sleep while you have been filling your gut with essential nutrients all day long. So you can keep your dinner light but healthy.
Eat food that helps you fetch a good night’s sleep. Easy to digest. We got to sleep as it is.  As evident, there ain’t any activity performed by body during sleep. So lighter food is easier to digest without requiring our body to literally move its ass.

  • Carbohydrates form 55-60 percent of our body needs. Skipping them during lunch can get you have them during dinner.
  • You can drink Chamomile tea after dinner to enhance better sleeping.
  • Vitamins, minerals and calcium requirement can be fulfilled by may be a glass of milk (even though drinking milk during night might end you up bloating, not always though).

So that was it. A concise yet elaborated guide to your Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do follow it, and do not escape from letting us know how you felt by commenting in the space spared for your ever valuable comments.
Tweeting will do an added value 🙂


[1] Maureen T. Timlin, PhD, Mark A. Pereira, PhD, Mary Story, PhD, Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, PhD. Breakfast Eating and Weight Change in a 5-Year Prospective Analysis of Adolescents: Project EAT (Eating Among Teens) doi: 10.1542/peds.2007-1035 American Academy of Pediatrics