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The Fat Loss Factor Review – What’s The Fat Burning Program for Long Term Results?

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The Fat Loss Factor Review – What’s The Fat Burning Program for Long Term Results?


fat loss factor review Hey guys what is happening…It is Anant..

And if you have been around Workout Trends recently you’ll notice that we are breaking away from ranting about only fitness goals to devour and talk about every fitness plan, diet plan, fat loss program, workout dvd and any other therapeutic certifications we can find.

One of the biggest issues most face when they are looking to get started with a workout or diet plan is that the information is never put intelligently in one place, thereby, making these choices difficult like a “scavenger hunt”. We want to make things easy for you, remove the guesswork around these programs and plans with information that you can trust by putting together research backed reviews for you. So that you learn what WORKS and what doesn’t for your SPECIFIC fitness goals.

The answer to the scavenger hunt? The Workout Trends Reviews.

I stumbled upon something called the Fat Loss Factor today (also called FLF in short) created by Dr Charles Livingston (a board certified chiropractic physician, certified nutritionist and a wellness practitioner) and his wife Lori Allen.

In this short simple review, we’re going to break the ice around the fat loss factor program and you’ll see:

  • What is Fat Loss Factor?
  • Why Most Fat Loss Programs Fail & FLF Won’t?
  • How to Lose Fat Without Breaking Your Body?
  • The Fat Loss Factor Approach
  • How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?
  • What’s Inside FLF Package?
  • Quick Resources to Pick Up & Download

If you’re running short on time, watch a video presentation here. Otherwise, you can read my review further.

What is Fat Loss Factor?

Dr Charles & Lori Allen
FLF is a 12-week fat loss program created by Dr Charles Livingston that comprises a comprehensive diet and workout routine with supporting activities like goal setting and stress management. Where most fat loss programs prescribe you to kill yourself in the gym with exercises for long hours or starving yourself with strict diet, the fat loss factor uses a different approach. According to Dr Charles, the key to successful long term fat loss is to condition and improve the functioning of your liver first.

Why Most Fat Loss Programs Fail & FLF Won’t?

Fat Loss Factor program has fundamental element behind it, Dr Charles says, that it not only deals with the basic anatomy of the human body, but also recognizes the difference between male and female morphology. There are genetic factors that we cannot override[1].[2].

This is precisely where most other fat loss and diet programs out there in the market completely fail. Also, other useless fat loss programs only rely on either starvation techniques or just completely rigorous workouts and exercise routines. That too, same for both men and women.

The thing is that there is high chance of these programs going wrong. Why? It is because getting into a rigorous workout program straightaway is not what most bodies are conditioned to take.

You wake up one day and start to run, twist, torque, rise and rotate, all in an attempt to reach your goals quickly. This puts pressure on your joints, muscles and tissues that weren’t conditioned to take them. You are not aware, you are carrying a minor injury or joint problem already and then you feel pain the next day but it is often slow, chronic build. One day, you complain your gym instructor that you’ve got lower back pain. He tells you “ok, you need to strengthen your abs to support your back and it’ll get away.” Or you need to strengthen this or that or another muscle.It’s always – “strengthen” this and that and pain will go away.

The problem is that when you strengthen in pain, you end up getting worse. It is because you are strengthening yourself into postural dysfunction[3]. And then one day, you suddenly implode that you can’t take it anymore as the pain becomes unbearable. This is where all the rigorous workout routines tend to fail. So you need to take a better approach.

This is where Fat Loss Factor comes in. Apart from understanding the male and female morphology clearly, it allows you to “condition” your body first.

“Condition first and then Strengthen.”

This makes sense to me. If your body is stressed before it can take it, it is going to break. The thing to do isn’t strengthen, but to first prepare the body, return the body as close to “optimal functioning” as possible and then you should start the process of strengthening around that foundation of optimal function.

How Does Fat Loss Factor Program Work?

Fat Loss Factor starts with a “cleanse” program i.e. a “clean slate” process for two weeks. In this stage, you are required to eat only fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and food of this kind – the process is referred to as “detoxification” where toxins accumulated in the body are removed. It is crucial because the body system needs time to adjust with restriction on certain food. It is done to detoxify specifically one of the most essential organs in the body – the liver.

According to Dr Charles, the liver helps to break down toxic elements such as cholesterol and fats that get accumulated in the body.  The idea is to prepare the liver to function optimally while breaking down fat and cholesterol better before you start the weight loss program. (That’s the optimal foundation!)

It is only after the 2 weeks, the weight loss diet program is continued by implementing a more balanced eating plan and is integrated with an intensive workout program with it. (That’s the stage where strengthening begins!)

The fat loss factor program has 3 different workout levels or stages: the beginner, intermediate and advanced. These levels describe the intensity of challenge you will encounter in the rigorous workout program.

Dr Charles has included various cardio workouts and strength training exercises from the most basic to the most rigid exercises in the intensive workout program that act as the catalysts to fat burning. Apart from a 15 minute workout selection, the fat loss factor comes with complete recipes and grocery lists for dietary food you need to take, a goal setting guide, exercise videos, measurement forms, food diary and exercise log and so much more.  You can find out more about fat loss factor here.

Collectively, it is equipped with inspiring eBooks, easy to stick to DVDs, a full recipe book as well as email support with the correct set of components you need for a healthful fat burning program.

The Fat Loss Factor, by Dr Charles, focuses on methods proven by science to inhibit fat retention and increase fat loss.

When your body reaches your optimal peak performance, it is incredibly efficient. It is then that your body best adapts. Whatever you do next, a rigorous workout or take in a balanced meal plan, your body responds with great results. That’s what happens when your own body’s internal metabolic system is in optimal condition.

But when your internal organs and metabolism is not operating at its peak performance, then you gain body fat. Then, your body tends to add body fat faster than what is reasonable. Are you gaining 5 pounds eating a slice of pie? Or maybe one bowl of ice cream is making you bloated and huge.

It is not always like that, right?

That’s what happens when your body’s internal metabolic system is not in optimal condition. Over time, your body’s ability to regulate fat use decreases until you address it specifically. It is here the Fat Loss Factor comes in. It is what Fat Loss Factor intends to do.

Fat loss factor corrects your metabolism and unclogs your internal fat burning organs so that they work at peak performance so that your weight loss journey becomes easier, results become better and permanent. The result is that you get your body functioning like an efficient machine overall.

All bodies are different and everyone’s fitness goals are also different. Some wish to lose a few pounds while others need to lose 50+ pounds. The Fat Loss Factor tailors the diet and meal plans around your specific goals.

This is what makes Fat Loss Factor a great product.

What’s Inside Fat Loss Factor Package?

You’ll be able to download the entire “Fat Loss Factor Package” instantly after completing the payment. It will include the following:

  • The Fat Loss Factor 2.0 eBook (New)
  • The Fat Loss Factor 2.0 Quick Start Guide (New)
  • 10 Minute Raw Food Recipes (New)
  • 90 Day Meal Plans (New)
  • Master Cleanse Videos
  • Foo Joo Software (a software that allow you quickly find healthy fast food restaurants)
  • Workouts (Beginners to Advanced Level)
  • 15 Minute Sample Workouts
  • Goal Setting Guide
  • Grocery List
  • Complete Recipes eBook
  • Measurements Form
  • 12 Month Email Coaching

Do you need to lose fat smarter, not harder? Well, now – there’s a plan for that.

Try Fat Loss Factor for 60 days  >>

If you are looking to buy it, you can start by checking the fat loss factor video presentation before you buy – sometimes they give you a better deal when you watch the video.

The Fat Loss Factor Review PDF

If you’re first time here and found the review useful, let me know in the comments with a “YES YES YES” 🙂 and if you didn’t enjoy, let me know so that i can do better next time 🙂 .

See you then.

– Anant

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You will learn how to decide and achieve your fitness goals despite a busy life. It is a distil of the several months of deep research, learning and experience of the Workout Trends Team. You’ll definitely enjoy it as much as the Fat Loss Factor Program.

PPS: I disclose we are affiliates to Fat Loss Factor Program through clickbank but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t review it honestly. We (at follow the best possible editorial standards for research and review. Nevertheless, we do work with organizations and brands to drive high-value attention to topics and products that matter.  Therefore, we truly appreciate your support if you buy from our affiliate links.

I don’t guarantee that you will get great results with Fat Loss Factor nor will Dr Charles or any other fat loss program would guarantee you. Results vary from person to person. In addition, you assume certain risks inherent in exercise and nutrition programs in any fat loss program.  You should not begin this program if you have physical or psychological issues which make fat loss dangerous. My advice or Dr Charles advice is not meant as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your doctor before beginning any diet or exercise program. You can read our complete set of disclosures, disclaimers, terms and policies.

  1. After trying out this weight loss program, i found it to be very effective. The program not only helped me lose weight but also helped attain a well toned body.

  2. Amanda Smith

    March 1, 2014

    fat loss factor is a very good weight loss program I would highly recommend this to anyone that wants to loss belly fat fast I have been using this program for a while and I have lost over 30 pounds in 3 months.