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Livin’ Life The Yoga Way – Interview Series


Livin’ Life The Yoga Way – Interview Series



Yoga is known to have transformed millions of lives and it needs no proof of it. A weeks back, we decided to interview a few of them and learn about their journey so far. As expected, we received an overwhelming response. Some of these were just beginners, some instructors while few were a well established name in the yoga industry. Shortlisting them was tough, but we finally did it (yay!) and have a bunch of really amazing people coming from unique backgrounds, following different styles, for variety of reasons and influencing everyone who comes into their lives.

Its now your chance to learn from them as they some of them come with super wisdom they have gained through yoga.For many such reasons, we have named this interview series as, Livin’ Life the Yoga Way.

So, we first have a 46 year old successful business woman, Doreen Foxwell, who took up yoga in her thirties, and then wished someone would have introduced her earlier. Thus, following her instincts and urge to plant seeds of yoga earlier in others’ lives, she gained certification in Children’s yoga and has now taught more than thousands of kids in over 120 locations.She follows all styles of yoga, as according to her, children should be introduced to all amazing possibilities, and be allowed to choose a style later which most resonates with them.

Why Kids Should Be Introduced To Yoga – Interview With Doreen Foxwell

Since ages have we been hearing tales about connecting to your authentic self, realizing your true worth and potential and aligning yourself with the Universe through yoga. Yoga – a practice usually perceived as one that is physical, but holds the potential to take you on a journey inwards. Honestly, it seems quite unbelievable at first. But, when you’ll read on the following interview with Taylor Wells, founder and owner of Prana Power Yoga, you’ll realize that poses are the instruments to unlock one’s true power.

Reconnect With Your Authentic Self – Interview With Taylor Wells

The de-stressing and calming effects of yoga are well known. I am one of its witnesses. And just like me, our next guest too found solace through the practice and saved herself from daily anxiety medication, migraine pills, and prescription sleeping pills. Stephanie Mansour, CEO of Step It Up with Steph, a TV Personality and Body Image & Confidence Coach for women on a mission. A mission to create pro-social messages for women to feel good about themselves and their bodies. And as unbelievable as it may sound, she has helped her clients lose 80+ lbs in 12 weeks on NBC Chicago without any diets or gimmicks!!

Stephanie is also the creator of the workbook, 30 Days to Love Your Body & Your Life, full of mental exercises to promote positive self-talk, confidence, and positive body image.

No Stress Reliever Like Yoga – Interview With Stephanie Mansour

Yoga therapy, a specialized and focused approach to using healing properties of yoga for special cases like those with limited physical ability or trauma. Its a tremendous help in rehabilitating those who have just undergone serious surgeries or survived cancer. Nicole DeAvilla is a yoga therapist, educator and author with more than three decades of religious yoga practice. Read her interview to find out how yoga can help you heal.

Affirm To Your Truth To Heal – Interview With Nicole DeAvilla

Taking a step further from yoga therapy, we interviewed a truly inspirational woman, Kathryn Livingston, who was diagnosed with Breast cancer only a year after taking up yoga. Like any other woman, she got anxious and fearful first, dealing with all the ‘what if’ thoughts. But like a woman of true courage, she did not give up on her faith in yoga and continued to practice during her therapy and later too. Yoga, according to her, served as her anchor and taught her to live in present. Read how yoga led her to write a memoir so everyone can learn from her journey and struggle. “Yin, Yang, Yogini“, is a woman’s quest for balance, strength and inner peace.

Beat Breast Cancer With Yoga – Interview With Kathryn Livingston

There are many cultures where women are raised as powerless entities and most often denied their basic human rights. One such story is of Kahshanna Evans, founder of Kissing Lions Public Relations, who broke the suffocating cocoon and realized her true colors with the help of yoga. In her journey, she was mentored by different kinds of yoga teachers, many of them were not appreciative of her personality. In spite of all this, she managed to learn the true meaning and form of yoga – unapologetic acceptance of self.

On Importance Of Right Yoga Teacher – Interview With Kahshanna Evans

Another woman who found her passion, career and sanctuary in yoga is our next guest. Alanna Zabel, a 40 year old, radiant yoga instructor and founder of AZIAM Yoga. She loves Vinyasa Flow Yoga as much as she loves the grace of fitness, Pilates and dance. Truly passionate about teaching holistic and organic wellness, Alanna enjoys leading yoga retreats nationally and internationally, including her Detox Yoga, Surf & Yoga and Seva (service) retreats.

Initiate The A-ha Chain Of Moments – Interview With Alanna Zabel

From adventurous snow boarder to hot vegetarian chef to skeptical Ashtangi and now a blissful yoga instructor, Caroline Klebl came across as an ideal example of how following your heart can make you explore unimaginable horizons. Her Internationally recognized 200 and 500 hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training programs are accredited by the Yoga Alliance. With her intuitive approach, she introduces the postures and techniques of the practice to reveal the liberating quality of Ashtanga Yoga.

During her learning process, she found Pattabhi Jois‘s approach to yoga as materialistic. Read her interview to find out what made her change her perspective.

From Poses To Spiritual Consciousness – Caroline Klebl (Interview)

Once in a lifetime you meet an indomitable spirit who just by its touch changes your perspective about everything. One such person I met during this interview series was a 90 year old Yogini, Phyllis Sues. Initially, it was this huge number that intrigued me to know her further. But, as I did, I realized, age is seriously just another number. It might seem like an exaggeration, but I could really feel her power, and the fire she had within.

Her inspiration is probably her sister, who is 96 and practices chair yoga, swims every day, has had 2 hip replacements and walks free of cane or walker. The following are the excerpts from her interview. Read on and you’ll know why we love her so much.

Life Lessons From A 90-year Old Yogini – Interview With Phyllis Sues

This pretty much sums up our yoga interview series for now. But, if you wish to share any personal anecdotes or would like us to feature someone you know, whose life has been transformed through yoga, do get in touch with us through email: [email protected]

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