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Reconnect With Your Authentic Self – Interview With Taylor Wells


Reconnect With Your Authentic Self – Interview With Taylor Wells



Since ages have we been hearing tales about connecting to your authentic self, realizing your true worth and potential and aligning yourself with the Universe through yoga. Yoga – a practice usually perceived as one that is physical, but holds the potential to take you on a journey inwards. Honestly, it seems quite unbelievable at first. But, when you’ll read on the following interview with Taylor Wells, founder and owner of Prana Power Yoga, you’ll realize that poses are the instruments to unlock one’s true power.

Prana Power Yoga is built on a Vinyasa yoga practice in a heated room. Read on the beautiful excerpts from a totally moving and enlightening interview:

At what age did you begin with Yoga?

Taylor: This is challenging to pinpoint because ever since I started practicing, it has been such a big part of my life. It feels as though it has been my whole lifetime. I also hesitate to put down a number because people tend to compare and then say, “Well I am this age and Taylor was that age so maybe it is too late/too early for me,” but the age doesn’t matter. Your life begins anew when you start your practice. Every time you practice. It’s magical!

This one is cliched, but we’d really love to know in what ways did Yoga change your life?

Taylor: Yoga lifted the veils of illusion for me and taught me to live as my authentic self. It transformed me during my very first practice –and continues to do so with every subsequent practice. My practice has taught me that I can be, do and have anything that I want. And my life reflects that knowledge.

The first time I practiced yoga that was it for me. I knew it was my Dharma. It didn’t matter that I was finishing up my doctoral program in clinical psychology, I knew this was my path. It came seemingly out of the blue – I had no idea I was “searching” for anything. My life was all planned out! But the Universe knew better.

Now, five children, five yoga studios, a book and inspiration card deck, and book tour later, I smile with gratitude with my husband on a daily basis and say, “The Universe clearly knew best.”

On mention of this theory, I’d like to bring out the fact that walking in a blind tunnel can sometimes be frustrating. Tell us how people can overcome that and keep hold of their faith in universe amidst all odds.

Taylor: When you are frustrated you are not in alignment and disconnected from your authentic self and therefore from the Universe, because it is one and the same. Therefore, you need to find alignment again to reconnect with the Universe. There are many ways to find alignment and I talk about this in my book. 

When you say “walking in a blind tunnel” that is an indication of a disconnection from self. It is nothing to be afraid of or get overwhelmed by. You are literally one breath or one thought away, from reconnecting with your authentic self. It’s not complicated or hard. But it takes discipline and awareness.

Wow! This is some great insight. Here, I’d like to inform you that Taylor is also the author of Create the Best Life Ever and a United Nations Yoga Peace Ambassador. As a spiritual teacher, Taylor has taught at numerous workshops and events nation-wide, including Longevity Now and The Nantucket Yoga Festival.

Your response and thought process seems to have been influenced by Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” (Law of Attraction). What are your thoughts on that?

Taylor: Actually, I have been living according to the Law of Attraction my whole life. I had a rough start in life – extremely difficult childhood – and I learned quickly that what I focused on grew. So in every single situation, I found something on which to focus that was positive. And I learned how to create my life, no matter what others were doing. It was like magic! And it still is.

I do like Rhonda Byrne’s work because it has reached the mainstream, which I hope to do as well. The more people who are aware of this law, the better — the world is going to be a much better happier place, and everyone deserves to live their best life ever. I personally prefer the work of Abraham-Hicks.

How is this law further explored in your book ‘Create the best life ever’? How people can use your book to get their best life?

Taylor: The law of attraction or “Deliberate Creation” as I call it, is further explored in my book and inspiration card deck by teaching people how they can utilize this powerful law in real life.

People ask, how do you keep your thoughts positive when you are going through a divorce? A miscarriage? When you find out that your friends are trash talking you? What I have found is that much of the metaphysical and self-help literature is sort of inaccessible and difficult to relate to, and says things like, “Just let go.” What does that mean? How do I “just let go” when I put all of my savings into opening a raw vegan restaurant and it turns out to be a nightmare? 

One way I found to make it work is yoga, another is infiltrating mind with positive thoughts. I do this with my inspiration cards; every morning while I practice and also throughout the day. I choose a few cards that are pertinent to my mood, energy, activities and challenges that day and place them throughout my house, in my car, etc.

Shed some light on how your book ‘Power Prana Yoga’ is helping people change their lives. Tell us an anecdote if you have.

Taylor: I get emails every day from students who have and are transforming, and they always make my heart sing because this is why I opened Prana.

I’ll tell you a story of a recently divorced single mom who was feeling overwhelmed, unattractive, betrayed, depressed, and hopeless. A friend of hers suggested that she go to Prana, and she begrudgingly agreed, because she had gained quite a bit of weight and wanted to get “a yoga butt.” Hey, no judgment. I don’t care why students get on their mat at Prana, I just want them to get on their mat. The rest will take care of itself.

And it did. She showed up, did her best with breath. She reconnected with who she really is and is now shining and sparkling out in the world. All you have to do is show up and breathe. And she lost the weight too, by the way. Effortlessly. Because everything is effortless when you are in alignment and connected with your authentic self and with Source.

Tell us something about your own yoga practice, not as an instructor, but the one you do for your own self.

Taylor: I practice every morning at 4 am — well before my five children awake – in my Buddha room at my home with many candles lit. I practice the Prana Power Yoga (PPY) flow. There is a foundation to the PPY flow that is included in every practice and within that foundation it varies day to day. Because our bodies are different every day. I practice for about an hour, sometimes longer. People can literally do five minutes of practice in the morning and it will shift their whole day.

(Here you might wanna find out more about Candle Meditation and how it helped Olympic Gold medalist Jamie Anderson)

As final words before we part, what do you advise our readers?

Taylor: You can be, do and have anything that you want. If you follow your heart and listen to your intuition, the Universe will line you up, moment to moment. You don’t have to have a whole plan or have it all figured out. I didn’t! I just got on my mat every single day and then had the courage to follow my heart instead of what the peanut gallery said or what my well academically trained mind said.

What ever you would most love to do – just begin that, right now. In any way that you can. And be mindful of your thoughts and words because they create your reality. Law of attraction is real and it does not discriminate.

Taylor Wells, M.A., M.Ed., RYT, is the owner of 5 studios in Massachusetts and New York and describes herself as a happy Super-mom of five. You can get in touch with her at @SuperMomTaylor and @PranaPowerYoga.

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