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Why Kids Should Be Introduced To Yoga – Interview With Doreen Foxwell


Why Kids Should Be Introduced To Yoga – Interview With Doreen Foxwell



For our “Livin’ Life The Yoga Way” interview series, we first have a 46 year old successful business woman, Doreen Foxwell, who took up yoga in her thirties, and then wished someone would have introduced her earlier. Thus, following her instincts and urge to plant seeds of yoga earlier in others’ lives, she gained certification in Children’s yoga and has now taught more than thousands of kids in over 120 locations.She follows all styles of yoga, as according to her, children should be introduced to all amazing possibilities, and be allowed to choose a style later which most resonates with them.

Here are the excerpts from her interview:

You are a children’s yoga instructor. Why and how do you think yoga can help children?

Doreen: Yoga can help each child in a very unique way. For instance, children that have asthma or allergies can benefit from yoga to help build up their lung capacity with certain yoga breathing techniques. Children with ADD, ADHD, autism can benefit from yoga by learning poses that help improve focus and concentration and/or breathing and relaxation techniques that help them to self regulate their urges/impulses. Athletic children can benefit from yoga by improving their balance, coordination, endurance, flexibility. Non athletic can benefit because there is absolutely no competition in yoga. No losers..actually everyone’s a winner…

While children can benefit immensely from yoga, Doreen firmly believes parents should practice yoga with their kids as it helps them bond better with their kids in a healthy activity. Moreover, it’ll be a great exercise of self learning too, where they can learn life skills while setting a live example for their kids.

Isn’t getting children disciplined to follow the poses and meditate difficult?

Doreen: Not at all if you are a children’s yoga instructor. It is very difficult, if you are an adult yoga teacher trying to teach a child like an adult. Children’s yoga instructors are playful, energetic, have a certain spark that cannot be explained. They approach children’s yoga with a very different attitude then an adult trained teacher does.

Her approach to teaching kids the nuances of yoga is very entertaining and enjoyable. Doreen makes use of yoga chants, games, and stories according to the age of the child and mental level. She makes it a point to use a lot of props to keep things interesting and easy.

Q. We have all heard of stories on how yoga has transformed lives. We have yours as one example, of how it made you successful. Share us a story on how lives of kids or just one has changed significantly so other parents can get motivated too.

Doreen: So many parents have shared so many stories throughout the years. However most of our favorite are children with special needs. We see that smile they get when they can balance on one leg by focusing on their own. Or when a child feels that they can totally relax and let go in a resting pose without being criticized or frustrated.

Most recently I had someone contact me that had started yoga after attending one of my classes 8 years prior and she had started her teacher training because of me. We hired her as an instructor for our program.

Tell us something about your yoga practice, not as an instructor but as an individual practice that you do for your own self.

Doreen: I am currently working on my meditation practice as I spend so much time in classes with children on the floor doing poses. I do yoga 6 days a week. My favorite pose is Dancer Pose. I practice everywhere I teach and meditate at home in my bedroom. 

Learn Doreen’s favorite pose, the Dancer Pose here: Dancer Pose – Steps, Benefits and Beginner Tips

So, Doreen what advice would you like to send out to our readers?

Doreen: If you love what you do, the $$ will follow.

The Children’s School of Yoga is now offering franchise for anyone with a yoga background to spread their wisdom of children’s yoga business. They can be contacted through their website: or 782-YOGA.

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