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The Most Impressive Campus Fitness Programs

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The Most Impressive Campus Fitness Programs


If you believe that all educational institutions have one single aim — to give knowledge, you may be wrong. One of their primary tasks is to promote the nation’s health and develop in students a love of sports.

It’s even more important in the current scenario as many college and university students are developing stress and anxiety disorders due to work pressure.

Lots of institutions are known to be loyal to athletes, as well as different organizations that give a special scholarship for student-athletes.

Many students devote themselves to studying without self-pity, and as a result, they are physically and mentally exhausted. If you recognize yourself in this description, you have to change your lifestyle as soon as possible, and engaging in fitness programs and building yourself a fitness plan is the best decision.

It’s important to give yourself a rest from your studies and let experts from professional academic writing service take care of it when you need a breather. All you got to do is to find a reliable company, write a message, “I need help with my math homework,” and don’t worry about your final grade.

While you’re at it, it is a good to use the time saved to focus on your fitness and play some sports. Wouldn’t it be great if you applied to institutions and universities that already have well-developed fitness programs for students?

If you’re thinking so then you’re in luck as we went ahead to pen down best universities with great student fitness infrastructure.

1. Penn State University

It was established in 1855 and located in Pennsylvania state. This university is considered to be one of the best 15 public universities in the USA, so no wonder that it offers a good fitness program. The heads of the university do everything to help students stay healthy and fun at the same time.

Every student can visit the website to get the schedule of activities, choose the interesting one, and visit the training session. Weekly group fitness includes cycling, HIIT, pilates, yoga, Zumba, and so on. There are also separate fitness programs, such as Hatha and deep flow yoga, power yoga, HIIT, boxing, and stretching. The advantage of Penn State is the existence of a martial arts program (aikido, karate, Shotokan, etc.). Professional instructors conduct all training sessions.

2. The University of California, LA

It’s one of the oldest universities in the USA, established in 1919. It offers its recreational program, called FITWELL. This program unites students of all years of study, faculty, staff, and even alumni. University did everything to make it affordable for all students and let everyone to stay healthy and fit.

Certified fitness instructors offer both various fitness classes, yoga, and strengthening sessions. Since the program is paid and people are accepted on an application, the attendance is obligatory. If you’re afraid to miss the deadlines of your assignments, you may use accounting homework helpers to take care of your time and grade.

3. University of San Diego

The University of San Diego is a private Catholic university that pays great attention to the students’ health and wellness. That’s why the campus recreation section is developed and organized. It offers a fitness program called USD FIT, the aim of which is to train the spirit, body, and mind of the university members.

Choose group classes or personal training at an affordable price and enjoy your being in university. You’ll be definitely satisfied if you select this educational institution.

4. University of Texas

The University of Texas had been providing high-class education since 1881 and simply had no choice but to establish a fitness program.

Fitness Institute of Texas is responsible for providing these services to students. It’s a separate unit, the work os which is focused on sports sections. Students can enroll in yoga fit, HIIT fit, get fit, fit to eat, etc. They cover both nutrition and training sessions and give valuable knowledge to all who apply to one of these programs.

5. Stanford University

This institution is one of the most authoritative, prestigious and well-known in the USA and beyond its borders. It offers both high-quality education and cares about students’ and workers’ well-being. Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation is responsible for establishing and promoting fitness courses. The main fitness programs are rec classes, pilates, personal training, group fitness, aquatics, Olympic lifting, focused training, and so on. All students and faculty are eligible to take these courses. All their activities are known as BeWell.

6. University of Pittsburgh

It’s famous for its medical studies and researches, but its campus recreation center isn’t worse. Various fitness programs, such as group training, personal training, aim at maintaining a high level of students’ health and academic performance as a result. Besides it, each student and staff member can get wellness consultation and rent equipment to make training sessions more productive. The schedules are available on the website, so find the section about recreation to find out everything you need.

7. University of North Dakota

The wellness center of the University of Dakota offers various fitness programs for students having different levels of preparation: from beginners to professional athletes. Group exercise, personal training, and fitness services & assessments are available for all students. The passes are paid, but the price is affordable enough. If someone doesn’t want to spend money, they may visit the website of the UND Wellness Center to find out the dates of free exercise classes that require students to have his or her ID to the session and show it to the instructor.

8. Baylor University

Baylor University is a private Christian university, established in 1945 that makes it the oldest university in Texas state. Baylor Wellness center offers various educational programs about alcohol and drugs, offers multiple recovery programs, and, of course, hasn’t spared fitness programs that are called FitWell. The main fitness classes are the bear cycle, barre, F45, boxing, MMA, Zumba, taekwondo, etc.

9. Ohio State University

It’s the third-largest university in the USA that was established in 1870. The student wellness center offers various services to care about student’s health, helps some of them to recover from addictions, and carries out training sessions. The number of fitness classes is truly impressive: cardio, TRX, cycle and cycle fusion, cardio barbell, dance programs (hip-hop, Zumba, etc.), pilates, yoga, and their variations. The latest announcements are published on the website of the office of student life. Moreover, the site even lets to activate the fitness pass and attend classes. If you experience some difficulties with homework or want to dedicate yourself to fitness, visit sites like, and get assistance.

10. Princeton University

You undoubtedly know this university, even if you’re not living in the USA because it’s one of the oldest and the most famous ones. Princeton University is an Ivy League institution that makes the enrollment too difficult, but it’s worth it.

Campus Recreation at Princeton includes fitness classes. Everyone can enroll in group classes and can choose from yoga, bodyweight boot camp, pilates, barre, Zumba. Those who prefer personal training also may buy a package of sessions and take them with certified instructors at Dillon Gym.


The level of services these universities offer is really impressive. Studying in any of the above mentioned institutions will be interesting and unforgettable. Don’t be shy to enroll in classes.

When it comes to health, it should be taken seriously. Be sure that you’ll love fitness from the first class and find like-minded people who have all chances to become your close friends. Choose the most convenient, and suitable institution for you and stay healthy.

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