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How To Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle as a Student


How To Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle as a Student


Managing your health as a student ain’t easy.

There is the stress of covering the coursework, finishing academic projects and assignments, revising for exams, among many other activities you are needed to attend to.

Balancing all these can be overwhelming and leads to an unhealthy life. Growing number of cases of stress among students, many schools are now encouraging and helping students to adopt healthy lifestyle.

In this guide, we will focus on how learners can achieve a healthy lifestyle and manage their health better at school or college.


1. Take Balanced Diet

In this era of pizzas, burgers, and all manner of junk food, it is important to eat nutritious meals.

Don’t order a king-size burger for breakfast on your way to class or eat a tin of cold packed meat because you left a discussion session late, and you have a report paper to submit in the morning.

Even when you’re in a rush, there are healthy snacking and munching options available. While we still encourage you to not compromise with your meal time, and eat a balanced meal.

A combination of healthy starch, vegetables, proteins, and fat is an ideal meal you should always have.

2. Stay Active To Stay Fit

According to a Study conducted by the CDC, over 13.9% of the students involved were considered obese. The results were further attributed to lack of exercise or generally students not involving in sports activities, among other factors.

By exercising regularly, you are reducing the chance of being obese. Despite the high demand to excel in class, you should as well take care of your body by keeping fit. Create a schedule going to the gym or join a boxing gym near you where you can sweat off and reduce cholesterol in your body. In fact, according to health specialists, a 30-minute workout daily can help you stay sharp and fit.

3. Keep Yourself Hydrated

A cup of coffee may feel refreshing and help with better focus and attentiveness. However, coffee contains caffeine, which is a body dehydration element. Therefore, as you enjoy your cup of coffee or tea in the morning or the night as you study, keep in mind that your body needs to be well-hydrated.

Water consumption is a better alternative to caffeine and alcoholic drinks. It’s best to have water or fruit juice at different intervals during the day.

4. Adequate Sleep And Rest

Sleep is common for students to spend many hours, if not several days, without sleeping. While your body is hyped by coffee to stay awake, your brains and mind are, on the other hand, losing energy due to lack of rest.

It is easier to lose concentration and attentiveness as your mental focus is pegged on stimulants from coffee.  A night of good sleep is a perfect medicine for not only your brain but also the body.

By resting, you will allow your mind to digest the information as well as to recharge and rejuvenate the brain. As far as you’re looking for a good grade, do not deny yourself a nice sleep.

5. Say No To Drugs

Drugs and alcohol abuse are other dangerous elements that affect a lot of students. Through peer pressure, you may be tempted to indulge in smoking or taking alcohol. While this may seem cool, it is a destructive path that you wouldn’t even dare to follow.

We can all agree that school is no bed of roses, and there will be overwhelming challenges. But the way out is not abusing substances.

If you feel stressed and you will be at one point or the other, seek help from a counselor, teacher or friend. Engaging in co-curricular activities such as your favorite sport does help too.

6. Be Positive

Students, especially at the tertiary level, have the freedom to do whatever they want without being monitored by the parents. Though you can still have fun as you study, do not misuse the opportunity. By staying focused and positive to the primary objective of learning, you will be able to have a balance in your life. Being positive will help to stay healthy as well.

7. Learn To Delegate Work

We can all agree that with all the hassle, demanding, and crazy class schedules, it can be challenging to build a healthy routine for many students. However, instead of bombarding yourself with all the work, you can delegate some projects to professionals that offer writing services to students. Check on what others are saying about some of the writing companies. You can request someone to write my essay to shed off some pressure and stress.


Being healthy is crucial. Despite the challenge of balancing between classes and other affairs, you should embrace a healthy lifestyle. By eating well-balanced meals, doing exercise and staying hydrated, you will be able to live healthy, be sharp in your class and beyond.

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