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Does Pilates help in losing weight?


Does Pilates help in losing weight?


Will doing Pilates help me to lose those unwanted kilos? Everyone knows that the magical mixture of diet and exercise will assist you with shedding those extra kilos more quickly than either one by itself.

The thing that you may not know is that bodyweight and resistance training exercises such as Pilates can be just as effective as a cardiovascular workout when it comes to losing weight.

As with any other form of exercise that you take, you must be diligent with practising Pilates. If you practise perfectly and often enough to reap all the benefits of Pilates. These include the possibility of some weight loss.

Can you get fit by doing Pilates exercises?

You’re not going to leave a Pilates class dripping with sweat like you would after a HIIT class. However, with this type of exercise you are performing a total-body workout dug every single session that you attend.

Although Pilates targets the core powerhouse, every exercise in this form of workout uses all of the muscles that are found in your body. Every movement is known for working strength, flexibility, mental control and overall fitness. This means that you can – without a doubt – get in shape with Pilates.

Strengthening your body and using Pilates as a low-impact workout that functions to round off your exercise routine may decrease your risk of injury. Improving your posture and flexibility – as well as range of motion – can also act as a solid foundation for other activities in addition to workouts.

Ultimately, you’re going to get out of Pilates what you put into it. Pilates students who are dedicated to practising Pilates religiously see results quicker. This is because as they’re able to perform all of their other workouts in a more effective manner. Go to a Pilates class between two and four times per week in order to see the best results.

What are the best-practice principles for weight-loss with Pilates?

Perform a faster-paced routine

Pilates is often done slowly. This is especially at a beginner and intermediate level. This slow pace gives a student the chance to establish inner-attention, good alignment, and familiarity with the exercises.

However, if you want to burn calories – in addition to losing weight – do your Pilates more quickly. Get breath and flow working for you and pick up the pace.

Fully Commit to Each Exercise

Even if you can’t move through a Pilates exercise routine quickly, make sure that you get the most out of each exercise:

  • Stretch to your fullest length at every chance you get.
  • Go for the extra activation of the abs.
  • Breathe deeper.
  • Be more precise.
  • Move with added control as well as grace.

This type of fully engaged attitude is very much in keeping with what Joseph Pilates taught. It improves your exertion level (and, by association, weight loss potential) of your workout tremendously.

Add Equipment to Your Pilates Workout

Give your body challenges which are new. Add equipment, or different equipment, to your workout as this will help build muscle and strength. Remember that muscle is responsible for burning a lot of fat.

If you go to a studio to exercise, it is possible to choose between the mat and the reformer. If you’re more likely to go to a reformer class, sign up for a class that includes a new piece of equipment, for example the wunda chair or ladder barrel.

At home, smaller types of Pilates equipment – such as magic circles, exercise balls, and fitness bands – can add the extra challenge. They also help keep your workouts interesting.

Use Less Resistance

If you are working out with resistance equipment that is used in Pilates, decrease the resistance level. This seems counterintuitive, however the instability that the lesser amount of resistance creates provides a significant challenge to the muscles as they try to keep control and balance. This is especially true for the core muscles.

This technique works particularly well on the reformer as you can use lighter springs. The good news is that you can apply the same principle to a lighter-resistance magic circle or fitness band. Instability can add a level of intensity to your workout. This is especially as you work to maintain precision and control during both the exertion and the release phase of an exercise.

Exercise More Often

Exercising more often is an obvious choice for weight loss. The more opportunities you take to up your breathing, increase strength, and tone the muscles in your body, the more weight you can lose. As a result, the trimmer you will look.

Maintain an Exercise Log

Having an exercise log helps you stay motivated. It also keeps track of the progress that you make and assisting you with planning improvements. This becomes even more pertinent when you have a goal, like weight loss, that you want to achieve.

If you want to lose weight, Pilates is a great exercise modality to add to your exercise routine!

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