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5 Tips To Mixing Up Your Cardio Routine


5 Tips To Mixing Up Your Cardio Routine


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Cardiovascular exercises are very beneficial for your body. Regular cardio movements can help strengthen your heart and lungs, reduce total body fat, keep you physically fit and also reduce the risk of heart attack, cholesterol problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Do you dread cardio exercises? Or has one workout plan become too boring? Mixing up your workout routine is a sure way to keep things moving and ensure that your cardiovascular endurance is increased. It will also help you burn more calories even when you spend less time working out.
Here are 5 tips to mixing up your cardio routine.

1. Take A New Workout Class

When it comes to workout routines, so many people become creatures of habit. We run the same route, take the same class at the gym or hop on the treadmill every single day. However, tweaking your exercise routine can be very beneficial to your health.

When you overuse one cardio routine, your muscles get used to it making it very hard for you to lose weight. When you take up a new challenge, your body will adjust to working even harder and you will break through that weight loss plateau you’ve been experiencing in no time.

2. Change The Length Of Your Routine

Another great tip to mixing up your cardio routine is by changing the length of that routine. For example, if you spend an hour everyday running on the treadmill, you could try making the session shorter and more intense. You could use the first few minutes of your workout to stretch before you begin your strength routine.

3. Take The Stairs

While at work, try and take the stairs instead of using the elevator. This simple tip will help you get your cardio exercise going throughout the day. Climbing the stairs is easy to adopt and it fits well in the modern urban busy life.

Climbing the stairs does not require any special training or skills. In order to challenge yourself a bit more, you could go two steps and once while increasing your speed. After a month or two, you will begin to feel stronger and add up to big gains.

4. Superset Workouts Are Very Advantageous

Supersets workouts are a form of strength training whereby you are required to move quickly from one exercise to a different exercise without resting in between the exercises. Ideally, during exercise, you tend to take small breaks in between routines to catch your breath or drink some water. This gives your muscles time to recover.

In superset training, the breaks are eliminated making the cardio routine extremely challenging. Superset workouts are great for anyone looking to build their stamina and ability.

5. Try CrossFit Running

CrossFit is a fitness regime that aims at building capacity by performing functional movements at very high intensity. CrossFit running as the workout for the day will help you to become both physically and mentally ready for any challenge. The CrossFit running program will also help you build full body strength and improve your fitness and health as well.


Well, there you have it; 5 tips to mixing up your cardio routine. For the ultimate CrossFitSurvival guide go to and get ready for a great cardio challenge.

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