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Cardio Workout: What’s The Need???


Cardio Workout: What’s The Need???


cardio workout need

Need of Having a Cardio workout!

Some might say cardio session to be simply running on treadmill. But a cardio session aims at increasing your heart rate that increases blood flow and circulation throughout the body [1]. Various cardio exercises like jogging, swimming  improve your cardiovascular strength. Not all of us have the time to go out and have a swimming session, so many prefer to go out in gym and have their cardio sessions on treadmill or elliptical trainer.

Well why we should have a cardio session is a simple answer. One needs to improve his strength and endurance before going through any tough exercise regime. Many aim to reduce their weight using any of the cardio exercises which seem to be an easy perk. cardio workouts are essential to overall health and critical for athletic performance [2].

How to improve your cardio workout!

A typical cardio workout helps improve lung efficiencyelevates the heart rate, and burns a whole lot of calories and fat. And the better side is that one can get maximum from this workout. Have a look at some of our tips.

1.      It’s not just about a treadmill

Well many hate running on the treadmill and would rather prefer going out for other options that are unknown form of cardio. So those who hate any sort of cardio session can make it an easy deal with some fun and workout. For an instance one solution can be using free weights for a faster strength training session.

2.      Have a breathe

A good cardio session is not about running on treadmill for hours without any pause; rather going for a longer session followed by some interval after a fixed time during your workout.

3.      Mix it up!

Having strength training along with a cardio session will produce more desirable result. Also the overall time for a small workout session for cardio improves to eight minutes providing a better result.

4.      Vary your speed

You can use your belt to vary your speed whenever you wish to run on variable speed on treadmill. This will make you go for a better workout rather than going for no variation cardio session.

5.      Let yourself free

Holding the side arms of a treadmill is harmful rather freeing yourself. Holding side arms reduces the effectiveness of your workout. Hence going rail-free or as we said ’let yourself free’ is a better option.

6.      Music!

Having music along with your cardio session is a good way of boosting yourself. Well it is scientifically proven that music boosts your workout [3].

7.      Time up your workout

working out first thing in the morning is best for creating and sticking to a habit of exercise. However, not everyone is a morning person. That’s alright. The good news is that the body will adapt to training at any point in the day, so long as it is done on a consistent basis.

So next time you go out for a cardio workout or step on the treadmill for some running, do take care of these things.

Stay Happy! Stay Healthy 🙂


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