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7 Best Diet & Fitness Tips To Improve Your Life

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7 Best Diet & Fitness Tips To Improve Your Life


There are tons of diet and fitness tips out there, and it can be hard to zero-down on the ones that actually work and easily fit your lifestyle.

To make your life a bit easier, we’re going to rounding up some of our go-to health tips and actionable advice to help you improve your life.

  1. Exercise in the morning

Start with the warm up and then move to light stretching routine, and then slowly pace yourself to moderate workout. A focused 45 minute workout in the morning will help set the right energy and tone for the day. End the workout with a gradual cool down after exercise.

  1. Breakfast Tips & Recipes

Here’s what you should include in your breakfast:

  • Include Whole grains – an important source of nutrients.
  • Include Apple, Oats, Oranges, Nuts, etc that enriched in fiber.


  1. Healthy Lunch Tips & Recipes

Don’t skip the lunch as it lowers your metabolic rate, leading to lesser calories burnt. This could trigger laziness, tiredness and sleep, earlier than usual.

  • Stay away from too much carbs. It promotes the release of serotonin which induces sleep.
  • Salads are the ideal pick for lunch. Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, Jessica Sepel suggests cauliflowers (rich in anti-oxidants like vitamin C that strengthens immune system and Vitamin K that helps bone growth), pomegranates (super food), and fresh herbs.
  • Another great dish is Vegetable Orzo Paella. Orzo is a brilliant low fat filling substitute to rice, and is a terrific source of carbohydrates, protein, fiber and iron. Paella is a spanish dish made with a combination of orzo, vegetables, chicken, or seafood.


  1. Healthy Dinner Tips & Recipes

The ideal time for dinner is usually not around bed time but roughly 2-3 hours before you actually go to sleep. Every weeknight dinner needs great planning because apart from being healthy, it also needs to be:

  • Light enough for the mom,
  • Filling enough for dad,
  • The one that kids will like,
  • And is preferably cooked using some leftovers

So this needs a dedicated post. Here is one with 50 quick healthy dinners that can be made in 30 minutes or less.

  1. Getting Into Sleep The Right Way

What’s included in a good sleep routine:


  1. Meet your hydration targets

You should aim for around 8 glasses of fluid per day. Water is vital for good health and is required for majority of the metabolic reactions in the body. Have herbal tea, eating juicy fruits and drink water to keep your hydration levels in check.


  1. Stay consistent with your biological clock

Maintaining odds with our biological clock is not a healthy habit, and in modern times, there can be plenty of factors that can lead to its disturbance. However, as much as our daily routine demands sticking to odd hours, paying heed to one’s internal clock is crucial in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.

We hope that you don’t stop after reading these tips, but take actions to your life. A balanced diet along-with a good fitness routine helps you live longer, healthier and happier.

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