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The Complete Guide To Resistance Bands


The Complete Guide To Resistance Bands


Looking to get started with exercises but don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive gym equipment or gym memberships. You wonder if there’s anything that can get you started with exercises in the comfort of your home. The Good News is the you don’t have to look around any longer. The answer you’ve been looking for is Resistance Bands.Resistance or exercise bands can be used for variety of exercises as well as for physiotherapy needs. Due to their lightweight and easy to carry nature, they are the ideal workout apparatus to exercise in the comfort of your home. You can do over 100 exercises with varying resistance.Each color is different from the other in degree of resistance or tension. Yellow color bands being the lower resistance bands whereas the darker ones being the highest resistance bands. The exact stack can be referred from the image below:

Resistance Band Colours

Resistance Band Colours

Red bands are for intermediate users while the black and silver being the super heavy resistance bands meant for advanced users. Good quality resistance bands are made with ultra-durable latex rubber to ensure good stretch without snap with connections being double stitched for safety plus heavy duty metal clips are used to withstand high levels of resistance.

Using these bands, one can perform a variety of workouts at home such as squats, chest press, bicep curls, tricep extensions and many more. They are available for different sets like basic, complete and ultimate. Basic set is used for tension upto 60 lbs, whereas the complete set is ideal for tension upto 100 lbs.ideal for all fitness levels with tension upto 60 lbs, complete set is ideal for workouts upto 100 lbs whereas the ultimate one offers resistance upto 166 lbs.

Resistance band exercises provide a complete body workout solution. With these, you can train aggressively yet safely.

Possibly there are two types of resistance bands:

1. Flat Resistance Band

Flat resistance band are basic bands that serve the purpose of providing resistance. They are of different color and each color provides a different resistance level according to the color code. They are thick, flexible and could be wrapped around easily. They are used for strengthening the lower part of body.

2. Tubular Resistance Band

They are thinner than flat resistance bands. Hence, they provide much less resistance than the flat structures. It has handle connected to both the ends and hence, can be used for all types of workouts, though it provides much lower resistance.

Some easy resistance exercises you can do anywhere are as follows:

1. The Band Squat

Yes, we call it – The band squat. The simple resistance workout let’s you perform an imaginary squat. All you need to do is hold the middle part of the resistance band under your feet and holds the end like a squat position. This resistance exercise should be performed around 8-12 times for a better result.

2. Lie and Resist

Just wrap the band around your knee and wrap the other end around the door support. Tighten up and bend your knee. Repeat it around 10-15 times.

Well, want to know more resistance band exercises – read: 20 Exercises You Can Perform with Resistance Band.

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