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How To Prevent Insomnia Despite Using Modafinil

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How To Prevent Insomnia Despite Using Modafinil


Entering the world of cognitive enhancers such as Modafinil can be a really great experience. The effects smart drugs produce are of great help to many individuals who need to improve their focus and alertness and generally enhance their cognitive functions.

Of course, the trick is to know how to use these products correctly, covers a lot of useful info about Modafinil.

If you are just starting this journey and taking Modafinil for the first time, you should be warned about some of its possible side effects.

Hindering your sleep is the most serious thing that this drug can do, but if you really think about it, this should be regarded as Modafinil’s primary effect, rather than side effect.

The drug promotes alertness and helps you stay awake in order to, for example, finish a time sensitive task that’s been bothering you.

Why is it, then, that people complain on being unable to sleep, when that’s exactly what they signed up for when they decided to take this drug? There is a logical answer to this question.

People want Modafinil to work when they want it and need it to work, and they want its effects to wear off as soon as they are done with the work they have been doing. This sounds a little bit like they are asking for the impossible.

Believe it or not, with a little bit of discipline, this can actually be attained and it is definitely not impossible.

If you are worried that you will have trouble sleeping after taking Modafinil, you are not alone. In order to prevent that from happening and not starting to suffer from insomnia, you need to follow a certain set of rules when you start using this smart drug.

These rules might not prevent the side-effect if you continue taking the drug for long, but still can make a huge difference when your sleeping is in question.

1. The Earlier You Take It, The Better

If you use your logic, you will get why taking Modafinil as early as possible is the best idea. By taking it in the morning, you significantly reduce the chances of its effects still being strong in the night and thus, hindering your sleep. Popping the pill in the late afternoon is a sure path towards insomnia, so be careful with when you are taking this drug.

2. Don’t Overdose

Another secure path towards insomnia is taking higher doses of this drug than recommended. Once again, if you use your common sense, this will be perfectly clear to you. The lower the dose, the faster its effects will wear off. Find the dosage that has great effects on you but doesn’t cause restless, sleepless nights. Of course, remember to stick within the recommended dose range.

3. Don’t Drink Coffee Late In The Afternoon

You are probably aware of the effects that coffee has. In fact, if you are a coffee enthusiast, then you must know that it is also used to promote alertness and wakefulness. These effects are similar to Modafinil’s effects, which is why so many people often mix this drug with coffee in order to get the best out of it.

If you don’t want to stay up all night, staring at the ceiling and wondering when sleep will finally kick in, you should avoid drinking coffee late in the afternoon while on Modafinil. Coffee alone is usually not recommended in the evening and the afternoon and it is especially not recommended when you add smart drugs to the mix.

4. Don’t Think About How You Cannot Sleep

Our subconscious mind plays probably the biggest role here. When you start worrying in advance and thinking about how you won’t be able to sleep in the night, chances are that your sub-consciousness will listen and actually take that as a cue to keep you awake.


The most important thing to do is to relax your mind and stop thinking about the possibility of not falling asleep. Before you know it, you will open your eyes, and it will be morning.

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