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The Healthy And Delicious- Colorful Lunch Recipes


The Healthy And Delicious- Colorful Lunch Recipes


How long has it been since you had a hearty meal at home? By the time noon arrives, heading to the nearest food joint or ordering pizza at home seems to be pretty easy and a quick treat, right? But, how long can you survive on that? In no time, you might notice you’re getting low on energy and measuring high on the weighing scale.

Lunch is the second most important meal of the day. You are exhausted with working non stop since morning and your body needs to refuel itself by consuming something healthy. Just because you have too much to do, compensating your lunch with something sugary like coffee or some snack is probably the worst thing you can do to yourself.

Its time to say good bye to these habits, because this week, on the recipe box, I have added some interesting lunch recipes that will do justice to your appetite and your health. And, as always, its healthy and delicious!


Cauliflower and Pomegranate Salad

Salads are the ideal pick for lunch and this one is just perfect. Nutritionist and Wellness coach Jessica Sepel offers this fresh and colorful dish on the plate with cauliflowers, pomegranates, and fresh herbs topped with chili flakes to add a mild spicy flavor.

Nutrition Facts: Cauliflower is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C which protects the immune system from common ailments like cold, mild injuries and also prevents skin damage. They also contain Vitamin K, an often neglected vitamin, essential for the proper growth of bones and preventing heart disease. Apart from that, it also contains folate which supports fetal development.

Pomegranates rank highest in the super food group. You can check out its benefits here. Overall, this recipe offers essential nutrients that boost your immune system with its detoxification properties. Get the recipe details here.

Vegetable Orzo Paella

Vegetable-Orzo-PaellaThose of you who are not aware, paella is a typical Saffron flavored Spanish rice dish prepared with a combination of rice, vegetables, chicken, or seafood. Alison, who developed this recipe, reminds us that this one is not an authentic paella dish as it features pasta instead of rice. However, the cooking method is the same and is packed with traditional paella flavors.

Nutrition Facts:  A brilliant alternative to rice, orzo is a healthy, low fat filling substitute and is a terrific source of carbohydrates, protein, fiber and iron. You can add and switch vegetables in the recipe according to your taste buds. Veggies like green beans are rich in Vitamin A and chickpeas further add to your dietary intake of fiber and iron. This recipe has the potential to be a big hit among vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

Check out the full recipe here.

Sesame Mushroom Asparagus Chowmein

noodlesIsn’t it always better the healthy and delicious were always quick and easy to make? I personally prefer to spend less time cooking and more time savoring the food which is why I had to include this recipe on the box. Minerva Thai’s recipe of this yellow green noodles is the simplest to make and best in taste.

The main ingredients that add flavor to the noodles are thin stalks of asparagus, mushrooms topped with garlic cloves and sesame seeds. Cooked in sesame oil, the recipe takes just 10 minutes of cooking.

Nutrition Facts: Mushrooms are fat free and low in calories. They can fill your diet with vitamins such as riboflavin, folate and vitamin D. Asparagus, too are good sources of folate and fiber and rich in antioxidants which help fight cancer. To sum it up, a mouth watering delight that is health friendly.

Look for the recipe and the author’s other interests here.

So, no more compromises with burger and pizza home deliveries. Make your afternoons mouthwatering in a much healthier way with these recipes and grab the chance to play with your culinary skills. Stay tuned until next to see what’s on the supper menu.

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