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How Do I Dump My Morning Coffee Addiction?

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How Do I Dump My Morning Coffee Addiction?


A.  Reasons could be that you are caught up in an all-too-common vicious cycle of stress, stimulants and fatigue. In morning, when your blood sugar is at its lowest, you’ve got used to kick starting your system, with stress, sugar, stimulants, overworking, eating ‘elevenses’ such as biscuits, and plenty of coffee.

In time, the effects becomes blunted, so you’ll need even more stimulation. In short, it’s an addiction.[1]

The cure is to stabilize your blood sugar with the right diet and supplements. For breakfast, try Get Up & Go, a powdered wholefood drink that you blend with milk (or soya milk) and a banana.  Supplement a high-strength multivitamin, one 1g vitamin C tablets in the morning, and one in the afternoon, and 200 mcg of the mineral chromium . . . and stay off coffee!

Instead, try Caro Extra, the best-tasting alternative. Follow a sensible diet rich in organic vegetables and good-quality proteins, cut out sugary snacks, and drink plenty of pure water. You’ll feel the difference within days as your blood sugar, and your energy levels start to even out.

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