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Burning Fat Is Now Easy And Fun


Burning Fat Is Now Easy And Fun


thanksgivingMy favorite month of the year, October welcomes the beautiful fall and tingles us with a mild sensation of the upcoming winters.

And there are pretty big reasons to get excited as it is also the beginning of the holiday season with Thanksgiving and Christmas waiting in a queue to join us. So, apart from the colorful stars, loud music and big brown turkeys, can you think of anything else we don’t mind during this time? Carrying a little holiday weight, I suppose!

Well, as sweet as it may sound, holiday weight can get on your nerves if you don’t watch out for it. While its good to swell a little, it is probably in your best interest not to get swayed in the way.

This weekly love edition has some amazing weight loss posts to share with you. Its all juggled up so well that you’re going to be up on your toes, because I promise to make your weight loss journey totally fun!


Flush Away Your Fats

With the ongoing Oktoberfest, I can’t help but visualize crates of beers being pulled out of the freezers everywhere. While you are busy indulging on that, you can steal yourself some thoughts on the repercussions of nonstop festive consumption.

So, if don’t wish to grow yourself a beer belly with those pints, take this recipe home. Nutritionist Cynthia proposes this incredibly simple yet out of the box water recipe to keep your belly flat as ever.

Fat Flush Water Recipe

Burn it Up This Holiday Season With These Foods

Trying to cheer yourself up, but nothing seems to work, so why not relish on a doughnut or have a chocolate bite? Most of these foods are often demonized by health experts, but some of them can actually help you burn fat if you don’t over indulge in them.

This article takes the pleasure of picking some delicious foods which can  keep you sated for long. Some of your holiday food make it to the list to!

Holiday Fat-Burning Foods

An Evening Cocktail To Your Rescue

tequila shotsWhen you’re in the business, you can’t really escape those cocktail parties. Every now and then, there’s an event or a celebration that make you raise a toast. This can be a real pain when you’re on the fat loss mission.  How do you avoid that?

I was wandering hopeful to find something that could make you say cheers while burn fat at the same time. Guess what did I find? Tequila!

Confused? Well, if you read the post below, you will find that tequila is your best friend on the cocktail menu if you wish to stay fit. Check it out!

Your Favorite Tequila Shot Can Make Your Dream Come True

Take Charge Of Your 5 Senses

mindful-eatingThere are diets and then there are habits. You need to work on the later to achieve the results of the former. Its easy to pick a diet, sign the membership form of the gym, but then the hard part is when you got to stick on it.

To tell you the truth, this is where I find myself struggling most of the time.

I am glad to help all of us here with this article on mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness when on the dinner table or at the movie theater along with a few other techniques can be an amazing way to stick to your weight loss resolution.

Can Mindfulness Help You Shed Pounds?

Shake That Booty To Shrink Your WaisT

We worship celebrities like Beyonce and Shakira, not just because they sing amazing, but also because its a treat to watch them dance to their tunes. And with a hot well curved body like theirs, even the most lamest moves look so awesome!

Seeing them dance like that made me actually land up on this video. I mean why not lose those inches while you have some fun, right? So get your most groovy playlist on, as in no time you’re going to stand up and follow this routine. I guarantee you’re going to burn fast as you dance.

Weekly love is always fun as we love to share the best of what’s out there. I hope we all lose a pound each until we see each other next week.

“Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels” -Elizabeth Berg

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