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WT Picks: The Fitness Edition


WT Picks: The Fitness Edition


It’s another week and time for some weekly love from our end to let you in on what’s happening out there. We managed to keep you motivated as much as we also shocked and kept you happy in the past few weeks.

Well this time, we are back and at our best to help you stay fit and in tune with yourself. Let’s have a look at all the interesting facts that we dug up for you this week, so sit back, relax, and read. After all, this is all for you.

A ‘Jog’ to remember

6 best running trails of AmericaSounds like the name of the all time classic romantic movie “A walk to remember” doesn’t it? Well I really got the idea to this topic from the movie’s name. This is dedicated to all you people who love a good run to jump- start their day.

I bumped into this article on the internet and I thought, why not share it with you and let you know about the 6 best places in America, where you can get a healthy jog if you happen to visit any of these places.

I was awestruck and amazed just by looking at the photos and I already wished I was there. Get your dose of early morning fitness and beauty by reading more about the 6 Epic Running Trails for National Running Day and tell me if you like it. I liked it for sure.

Doing away with what bothers you is this easy

Happy exercising girl

Each one of us have different body types and while some of us do not gain even an inch after a heavy meal it is so easy for some of us to gain double of those inches with just two slices of bread.

In the same way while some of us are fortunate to have the weight distributed equally all over our body most of us are unfortunate to show it in some places like the thighs, the belly or even the arms.

In those times when we look into the mirror we wish that we could know that one exercise that could fix that one area in your body which was stopping you from wearing or doing what you really want to.

Well, this is why I picked this article for you who are really in need of some workout advise. The article is lets you choose the body part that you want to reduce and after some calculations gives you the exact workout that you need to tone up the area. Now how is that for a cool way to workout.

Try it out for yourself on The Exercise Finder.

Choose your company wisely

dog walking down a pavement

Dogs have been the man’s best companion ever since time unknown. They have been there as watchguards, as a friend or family, as a guide for the impaired and also someone to jog with.

Surprised? You did not know that? Did you?

Every dog is has a different pace and if you need to own a dog to suit yours then you definitely need to read this guide. It is etensive and tells you about the breed that is suitable for your runs. If you already have a breed then then you will know what pace you need to be in with them.

Read along A Breed Apart  and choose your company wisely.

Shortcuts to Mini- meals and a flat tummy

portion platter

So you have been trying and trying to decrease your food intake but have failed miserably everytime or maybe you are not sure how much of what should be on your plate to make a healthy meal.

Most of the time you count the number of bottles of water you drank in a day but you are not sure how many litres exactly and if you drank the required amount to hydrate yourself.

Confusion, confusion! So, what do we do? Nothing really because someone else has already come up with a solution to most of our health problems with the gadgets mentioned in this article. I loved most of the gadgets mentioned here.

Have a sneak peak of Our Favorite Portion-Control Shortcuts and grab some of the gadgets while stocks last. Technology changes really fast these days.

Suit up for your sport

sport shoes

Are you wearing the right shoes? or are you jogging around in those same sneakers that you also use to cycle? Did you know every sport had a different kind of shoe made for it?

If you did then I am glad but if you did not then do check out this infographic which will tell you a lot about sport shoes, their functions and their make.

Read How to Choose the Right Shoes for Exercise & Sports?”  today and never wear the wrong shoe to workout again.

So, this was the weekly love for you this week. I hope you love what’s in here and it helps you with your fitness plan. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. See you soon till then. Ciao! 🙂

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