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Happiness – We Picked The Happiest Ones For You


Happiness – We Picked The Happiest Ones For You


We shocked you and took a dig at you last week, but this time we are bringing you five amazing links which would not only elevate your stance on happiness but would subtly teach you how we ruin our own happiness.

Please don’t get discouraged, this Happiness edition of WT Picks is sure to leave you happier and wiser.

The Irony of all times

happiness researchMaterial things and their value is more quantifiable as compared to experiences. everybody knows that. Experiences make us feel more fulfilled rather than things. Everybody knows that too.

Then why do people opt for things to make themselves happy and not go for memories they can treasure for a lifetime and tell tales about?

This article from Scientific American explores exactly that.

People Think Experiences Bring Happiness, Still Opt for Things

The Happiness store


The quote on the right is my all time favorite which I continue to bend as per my argument in a debate.

Jokes apart, this NY Mag article could be the counter perspective of the one mentioned above.

If experiences bring more happiness than material objects, what would people have to say about the experience of buying something that makes you happy?

How to Buy Happiness

We found the formula for Happiness

After much debate above regarding what exactly makes us happy, here is a terrific post from National Journal explaining how everything plays a role in making us happy. But don’t just be content with that.

They have found even the proportions in which we unconsciously derive happiness from everything in our life. Think happiness is too abstract to be represented in an equation? Well then, you gotta read how they came up with this formula and were able to “predict” happiness in 18000 people!!

That should convince you!

This Is Literally the Formula for Happiness

Tips to “trip” on happiness

calvin-hobbes-happinessPoor Calvin! His day got ruined by the very thought of missing out on euphoria, and contentment, and finally happiness.

While he goes on to think ahead of all this, I dream of a world where genetically modified onions would exist that could make me laugh instead of crying? What a bliss!

My dreams may take some time to realize since scientists are busy finding out other ways to make us happy. And the following article on Postcron landed in my inbox right on time.

How to Be Happy: 7 Simple Habits Scientifically Proven to Help You Everyday

The disease called “crocodile”

We read tons of tips on happiness and how not to get depressed or anxious, but we still do. All that reading and energy expenditure goes right down the flush. Ever wondered why? Because we are trying to get rid of our miseries, those painful memories, and fears that just won’t leave us alone.

The video by Gobelinswhich I’m sharing below, will show you how things can actually get better once you try not get rid of distressing thoughts, but by making peace with them.

Don’t be scared by the crocodile or blown away by its cuteness. The crocodile has been used as a metaphor. So just absorb the lesson and contemplate.

Sending your way ten thousand happy thoughts! 🙂

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