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6 Little Known Ways For Guaranteed Workout Results

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6 Little Known Ways For Guaranteed Workout Results


6 Little Known Ways For Guaranteed Workout Results


It is important to have a balanced workout regime. Work out hours, and balance all the exercises that one performs. The best time to workout is the time you get it done. The best option shall be getting your workout done without making any amendments in your current schedule.

If you feel sticking to a workout schedule is difficult, writing down your exercise commitments on a calendar or day planner, just as you would a visit to the doctor or a dinner date shall be an attractive option. You see, it is important to restrict your schedule.

A strict exercise plan can produce substantial workout results, when it’s followed accurately and consistently. For instance, if weight loss is the goal, it’s recommended that if you’re not in a habit of exercising regularly, it’s best to gradually increase the amount of time you exercise by working your way from 30 to 60 minutes of exercise at least three times a week [1].

In addition to cardio workouts, incorporating light weightlifting two times a week can help also increase lean muscle tone, resulting in a strict five-day exercise plan.

How to strict your regime?

Keep yourself motivated

Everyone knows how good it feels, and everyone has had the thought, at the peak of their training, “I’m going to do this forever; it’s just a part of my life.” But then, inevitably, you plateau, and getting to the gym or going for a run after work, seems really hard.

Well for that matter, try new gears, get a buddy to join you and compete or set some milestones for yourself where you can reward your effort by a little carefree indulgence. In short, making an attempt every time to improve your performance shall give positive results. So, stay motivated, get addicted!

For more tips on staying motivated this 2014, read: How Do I Consistently Follow My New Year’s Resolution???

Divide your time

Separate three activities- Weight lifting, cardio, and abs. The harder you work out, the shorter your workout needs to be. Cardio time should depend on, if you are trying to alter your weight or maintain an optimal health. Abs shall be considered a separate workout regime. Plan your regime in such a manner that requisite time is provided to all the exercises.

Go to health professional

Consult your doctor before designing your work out regime. What sort of exercise is required by your body structure, shall help you design a better schedule. To perform a preliminary check yourself, go through this small write-up on Abdominal Training: Are you fit enough for it?

Engage yourself !

Enjoy your workout. Play your favorite music, compete with a buddy, do anything that shall help motivate you every time you enter gym or any other workout arena. Make use of technology and track your progress using apps, and now you are competing with the world.

Make variations in schedule!

Revise your workout schedule after some fixed time. It’s better for muscles if you do more than one exercise. Club a three day gym workout with a badminton session and swimming or anything on those lines. For example, if you train with AquaJogging, you can incorporate interval training to make variations in different sessions, so you workout, challenge your limits, steer clear of plateau and still enjoy.

Be dedicated!

The two most common reasons people stop doing their workout routine are: injury and burnout. Do not push yourself too much, because it can be the cause of pain rather than strength and fun.

Start slowly but consistently, and build up to the big feats. Have one or two days of rest day a week to prevent burnout. This will allow your muscles to rebuild, and at the same time give your mind a break, so that you feel fresh and ready to go again the next day.

Staying or sticking to your workout routine is possible.

If you miss a workout, do not do twice the next day to cover up. This can lead to injury and burnout and is hazardous to your health. Try not to skip workouts as much as possible because this will make your body lose that training that you have done.

Consult your doctor at once if you feel pain while working out. You might also like reading, 6 Self Checks to know if you are over-training yourself.

What you do to keep yourself adhere to your workout regime? Send us your  views!


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