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How Do I Consistently Follow My New Year’s Resolution???


How Do I Consistently Follow My New Year’s Resolution???


new year's resolutions 2014

New year comes with a gala vibe, whose reverberations are felt the most during this time of the year. The entire world’s bathed in festivity. Preparing themselves to say adieu to the memories of the by-gone year and flexing themselves to fit in the upcoming year that awaits.

While all this happens, there are people, witnessed mugging up the new year’s resolution, they would be exploiting themselves with, in the year to come. Well this forms a very common view every year. I’ll add my dad’s number on my speed dial, I’ll try not having multiple breakups, practice patience, self controlled anger, become self indulged, get career oriented, will remember b’days, doze off early…..And the frantic list looses its count. Not to forget, I’ll lose weight and stay fit are the most obvious resolutions.

Apparently, setting new year’s resolutions is a cake walk. But the pendulum of the rational – new year’s resolutions, is ever fluctuating between consistency and inconsistency of accomplishing them. Resolutions that are borne through the entire first month, usually succumbs by the first week of february.

So to actually make the task a lot easier than they sound, make a trip to the tips that’ll help you follow your new year’s resolutions through the entire year’s stretch.

Sounds weird, would be even strange to follow, but, Number 3 is my personal favorite.


Avoid Multiple Resolutions.

Under the euphoric influence of the approaching new year, you might flood yourself with many resolutions to accomplish. Which thereby becomes one of the culprits of your failure in following your resolutions. Fixing many resolutions makes it a matter of obvious and imposed responsibilities. Following so many of them, not only overburdens you unnecessarily, but also fades the pleasures of accomplishing them. There also arises possibilities of getting webbed in your own resolutions.

A resolution has to be the one you could follow regularly, on an everyday basis. Anything followed for a stretched period of time becomes a habit, as it is. Thereby making it easy to consume it in your life. So even if you have multiple aims to achieve in the year to come, you can pick one-at-a-time. Work upon them. Absorb them in your daily routine. And move onto the next one, while you’re still pursuing the initial resolution as a continued task. So Focus and follow blindly.

Write It Down.

Writing down your resolutions leaves everlasting footprints on your grey matter. This eases the task of at least remembering that ‘once upon a time’ you settled to resolute. So some physical evidence. Now that you have its presence in your consciousness, all you need is a little bit of willpower and persistence. Chasing your intentions is a matter of commitment. Just like the one you’d do to your beloved. So once you have it in writing, you must not refrain from carrying it out. Make the resolution’s written evidence available at your vission’s reach. Stick it on the ceiling, pin it up on your bulletin board, keep it at any place, where you can see it at all times.

Let your loved ones vouch for you.

This one’s on the similar lines as writing it down, but the only difference is that you got to flaunt it at an overrated pace. Yell it out to your friends and loved ones. The solved purpose would be that they can keep a check on whether or not you’re following-up the resolutions you made. Express the wished alterations only to the people who you think can mentor you and can guide you through your journey of reaching the desired resolution.

Fix A Resolution With A Magnitude.

Be specific in what you want to achieve. Easy-to-achieve-alternations can be comfortably absorbed. Therefore make yourself available with a measurable resolution. ‘I will gain 6 pounds per month’, for example, is a resolution divided into specific achievements targeted per month. Setting goals is important, but making it easier to reach them is equally vital. So moulding your resolutions to a countable amount can make it a lot easier to achieve.

No Specific Time To Resolute.

New year’s resolutions can be talked of as yet another periodic trending. By now it has become more of a ritual, rather than a decidedness. You do not have to wait for a new year to resolute for betterment. New year is a mere excuse to get something positive done. Possess the will to resolute at anytime of the year.

Also, while you are treading your path towards the desired resolution, you will fall and fail. Not once but a lot of times. This only implies that you got to get up and restart. Afresh. A will to finish what you started, shall drive you as your motivation, during this time. Forgive yourself for failing once. twice. Thrice. Everytime. And make the same resolution every time you fail. Until you finally achieve it.

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Oops, how could I skip this. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 😀

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