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How To Incorporate Interval Training in Aqua Jogging???


How To Incorporate Interval Training in Aqua Jogging???


incorporate interval training in aqua jogging

To quite an extent you’d be versed with aqua jogging post scanning through the beginner’s guide on Aqua jogging. What follows are the fun-tastic ways you can incorporate Interval Training in Aqua jogging.

What is Interval Training?

Interval training is a concept that comprise the cardio exercises that are composed of high intensity and low intensity workout that are performed alternatively. Interval training is grounded on a simple yet effective formula. You perform your exercise in the usual manner. Only differentiating it by performing the exercise with a significantly high intensity initially. Then at some random point of time while you are performing the exercise, you lower down the intensity of doing the same exercise. You are not resting your muscles, but gradually increasing and/or decreasing the intensity of doing the same action. So its like, a rest in motion. obviously not literally.

What benefit does Interval Training deliver?

Good question. Our body has two kinds of muscles.

While we perform the cardio exercises in the usual way, only one of these two muscles are worked upon at one time. Depending on the intensity of performing the exercise.

  • In aerobic exercises – the slow twitch muscles are benefit the hard work. Because the muscles get enough time to absorb the oxygen.
  • In anaerobic exercises – the fast twitch muscles are targeted since the workout does not provide enough oxygen absorption time to the muscles.

But when you incorporate Interval training in the regular cardios you perform, both the aforementioned muscle fibers are benefited simultaneously.

How to incorporate Interval Training in Aqua Jogging?

Coming to the point. While doing Aqua Jogging inculcated with interval training, focus on effort and time, rather than distance. For instance one minute of hard exercise followed by performing it easily for 30 seconds. Follow this trend for 20 minutes. You can flex this trend for yourself. According to the need you can vary the duration of performing the exercise with high intensity and/or low intensity.

  1. Very short Interval Training: Keep switching between high and low intensity of the exercise within short intervals of 10 or 15 seconds. Keep the competitive spirit going by performing the exercises with a friend or even better – a group of friends.
  2. Long run pool workout: Okay so this can be a really tiring workout. Before you start to do the long run pool workout, warm yourself up for about 30 minutes. This type will last for a total of 120 minutes, with 36 minutes of hard running. You jog in the pool with a high intensity for 3 minutes followed by a 2 minutes’ of recovery i.e. the slow intensity jog. OR as mentioned above a not so literal ‘rest in motion’. Replicate this time division 6 times stretching it to 30 minutes. After which you do your recovery job for 5 minutes. And you repeat the same 6 time jog. Finally once you’ve completed the victorious 120 minutes, you must cool down in the pool or play with the water there for at least 25 minutes.
  3. Speed work pook workoutWarm up for about 20 minutes prior. The entire stretch of this pool exercise is for 70 minutes. You do it with high intensity for a total of 30 minutes. Segregate the time intervals for 2:30 minutes of hard intensity followed by 30 seconds of recovery. Repeat this 3-minute interval for 6 times. Invest your 5 minutes in recovery jog and repeat. Cool down for 15 minutes after the exercise.
  4. Steady interval workoutThis exercise lingers onto you for 64 minutes, involving 18 minutes of hard running. Warm up for like 20 minutes. For 3 minutes aqua jog with high intensity, followed by 1 minute of recovery period. Repeat this 4 minutes’ interval 6 times. Cool down for 20 minutes post the exercise.
  5. 1’s and 2’s interval workout: This one lasts for 76 minutes involving good 18 minutes of hard running. Warm up for 20 minutes prior to aqua jog this way. The time and effort segregation goes this way. 2 minutes hard, 2 minute recovery. Repeat this 3-minute interval 6 times. Cool down in the pool for another 20 minutes after the workout.
  6. Extended recovery tempo run:  Now this one involves you to be in the pool for 80 minutes doing this type, with 20 minutes of hard jogging. Warm up for 20 minutes. 5 minutes hard, 5 minutes recovery. Repeat this 10-minute interval 4 times. Play around with the water for about 20 minutes.
  7. 1’s and 3’s speed workout: 65 minutes is the total time of this exercise. 16 minutes of high intensity. Warm up for 20 minutes at least . divide the time and effort with 3 minutes of high intensity followed by 1 minute of easiness. Then 1 minute of sprint and another 1 minutes’ ease. Do this 6 minute interval for 4 times. Finally, by this time you’d be knowing, you got to play around in the pool for about 20 minutes.

I’ve always found it hard convincing my friends to accompany me for aqua jogging. For they find it boring. They complain of not being able to listen to music fearing their music players to consume water. Plus sparring 2 hours in water, doing the same has the tendencies of getting bored. So to make Aqua jogging worthwhile, incorporation of interval training in it makes it all the more exciting and fun filled.

So the next time you dive in the pool, you would be knowing how to make it interesting.
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