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6 Self Checks To Know If You Are Overtraining Yourself

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6 Self Checks To Know If You Are Overtraining Yourself


6 Self Checks To Know If You Are Overtraining Yourself

Ever since its inception, life has been about comprehension and understandings. Unfortunately, it is not either black or white, but filled with possibilities. We all do possess our conscience, however, there arises situations when we are unable to judge the line distinguishing ‘doing a task’ and ‘over doing a task‘.

Damn you are one gym work out freak! But do you realize whether the training you are undergoing is optimum training and not ‘over training’ ? If you don’t know then this is the perfect article that you’ve landed to. Pull down the scroll bar to know if you’re over training at your gym.


What is Over Training?

At times, people try to overdo their workout portion considering that it will accelerate their goal achievement. But this is not the reality. You try your best to kill yourself in the workout arena but end up feeling fatigue and restless. That is the state of being over trained.

We all acknowledge that physical fitness is an imperative part of our life. It indicates our ability to execute and enjoy daily physical activities effortlessly. It can be achieved by exercise, proper nutrition, and adequate rest. With the modernization of the world, we are getting habitual of a sedentary lifestyle. This inactive routine is creating problems to our physical health.

Physical fitness is required to surmount the stress of daily life and, therefore; physical training is essential to enhance our fitness.

Physical training includes any physical activity that boosts or sustains physical fitness and complete health and wellness. Physical exercise when doing frequently and regularly helps in maintaining and building healthy bone density, healthy weight, joint mobility, muscle strength and enhances our immune system.

Sometimes people get addicted to their training schedules vigorously and became the victim of over-training naively. Over-training occurs when you exceed your exercise schedule beyond your recovery capacity. A person may face physical and psychological upshots of over training.

How to know that you are being over trained?

There are some certain symptoms that show you are being over trained. You tend to give up too easily. Soreness and fatigue hit you even after a short workout routine. As a matter of fact you are going beyond your capacity of training. One should not forget that muscles are not build while you are sweating in gym, they are built with proper relaxation time provided to them after every workout.

Consequences of overtraining!

You can also feel tensions, anger, depression, fatigue, confusion.

So, one must be vigilant to avoid such conditions. With the assistance of below mentioned points you can avoid overtraining.

1. Do not spend excessive time in the gym: According to trainers it is highly recommended spending 45 minutes to one hour, 3 to 5 days a week.

2. Your muscles necessitate proper rest: Working on each muscle group once to twice per week and keep modifying your routine after every few weeks will increase the efficiency of your muscles. As your muscles will get adequate time to rest and recover, they will respond quickly to your exercise.

3. Sufficient rest is required: To maximize the recovery process of your muscles you must have sleep of at least 8-9 hours.

4. Eat wisely: Instead of supplements add more real macro-nutrients to your platter. Having extra protein after each workout is essential for muscle repair process [1].

5. Stretching: Stretching is always suggested before the workout, to avoid all injuries [2].

6. Bathing with endurable hot and cold water concurrently can reduce the harm of over training.

Eliminate over training from your fitness schedule and watch yourself leading towards healthier and happier life.

Excess access of anything tends to result in adverse effects. So Access your Working out machines to the extent of a bearing it. Check out the weight training for beginners guide.

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