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The World Is Crazy About Food- Part 5


The World Is Crazy About Food- Part 5

Hi, I am back with the finale edition of “The Craziest diets” that the world has ever seen or heard about. This edition is going to talk about the extreme cases whichI personally found irrelevant and stupid to start with. So let’s go ahead and check out what they are.



BreatharianismBreatharianism the latest and unimaginable of all diets involves, eating nothing at all. Zilch! that’s it.

The diet is called Breatharianism because whoever is following this diet survives on nothing but breathing air. There seems to be some kind of mysterious elements within this diet which leads the practitioners to believe that they can remain alive by the energy radiated from the sun or a Prana,” a vital life force.

Wiley Brooks of the Breatharian Institute of America promotes the diet and offers a workshop to help interested people in getting started with the course for their self proclaimed low price of just $10,000.

There have been reportedly three deaths as a result of this diet. It is believed amongst Breatharians that when humans come into perfect harmony with the world then no food, water or sleep is required to stay alive.

I’d say I am perfectly in harmony with the world because I can eat anything I want, whenever I want and also freely breath the air and drink every drop of pure water available.

Why did this diet come into existence again???

Sleeping Beauty Diet:

sleeping beauty dietYou must have seen Sleeping Beauty right? Where Princess Aurora is sent off to sleep by a wicked witch until her Prince Charming rescued her.

Yes you guessed it right. All of you get a chance to be Princess Aurora with this diet. The men too. This diet involves a lot of sleep as the basic principle behind this diet is that as long as someone is asleep they are not eating.

Followers of this diet sedate themselves heavily in order to be able to sleep for days at a stretch in order to lose weight. Thought this diet is bound to work, it still is an insane and unhealthy approach to weight loss.

Imagine losing out on all the moments that you could have enjoyed with family and friends or losing a million dollar lottery just because you chose to sleep.

Wake up!!! there are people fighting the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome and trust me you do not need it.

Starvation or hysteria:

Starvation dietYou must have heard of Aneroxia, Bulimia, starving yourselves to death, not eating at all, and if you are mentally unfit then “not breathing at all”.

This diet, some form of “Victorian anorexia” was a rage amongst the middle and elite class of Western Europe during the second half of the 19th century.

People, especially women, starved themselves so as to fit themselves into the circle of the Victorian notion of frailty, which was linked with spirituality, purity, and femininity.

I do not understand this at all and it all goes over my head. Are you not beautiful as you are already? Did you know when your body is deprived of all it’s essential nutrients then it can cause weak teeth, hair loss excessively, weak bones and more wrinkles.

Do you still want to do this. Think about it seriously.

The only correct way of getting that healthy toned up body is with the right exercises and workouts alongwith the right amount of balanced diet. Yes! a balanced diet… not a kill- yourself diet. Do not go ahead and kill yourself. Live life like a king or queen, kill the fat not yourself.

I have said what i had to and if you still are adamant on going ahead with these diets and are still alive and kicking, then be sure to tell us about it in the comments box below. Taking your leave with this last edition. Hope to really hear from you. Ciao.

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