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7 Common Pregnancy-Food Myths Busted


7 Common Pregnancy-Food Myths Busted


Last year, when I was expecting my son, loads of my relatives, both young and old, advised me to drink saffron milk to have a fair baby.

Did I hear you laugh?

Well, that’s a very common (and weird) belief in all Indian households, thanks to the Bollywood movies! Not just this, there are many other such pregnancy-related food myths that haunt a pregnant lady for those golden nine months, when she is supposed to be on cloud nine all the time.

I am listing down here the top 7 most baseless myths for all you would-be Mommies out there to read, realize and relax.

Myth #1: Eat a lot! You have to eat for two.

Pregnant woman eating food for two

Fact: Absolutely false! Jackie Keller, a nutrition and health expert and the Founding Director of Los Angeles’ premiere healthy food company, NutriFit; says that she too had to fight this myth during her pregnancy.

In reality, adds Jackie, one only needs about 300 extra calories daily during pregnancy, which, along with a healthy, well-rounded diet, will aid in ensuring a healthy pregnancy.

“Your baby bump might seem like a ticket to ride the dessert train (twice, no less), but the sad truth is that being pregnant only requires another 300 calories a day. So unless you want your baby to possibly have obesity issues, switch up the gelati for some grapes.”

Julie McCaffrey, Chief Brand Officer of

Myth#2: Say Buh-Bye! to your sweet toothSaying bye bye to sweets during pregnancy

Fact: This is another common myth that pregnant ladies should not eat sweets. Sweets need not be altogether avoided by pregnant ladies, obviously except for special cases where they have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

However, chocolate is an exception to this myth, as studies show that those women who eat chocolate daily during pregnancy have fearless and happier babies as compared to those women who don’t eat chocolate at all.

Myth#3: Sea fish are happy in the sea. No seafood for you dear Mommy!Seafood sushi

Fact: This is false. Seafood can be safely consumed by a pregnant lady without any potential harm to the baby. My doctor advised me to have fish high in Omega-3 fatty acids as it is said to produce healthier and smarter babies.

A study published in a pregnancy journal also said that expecting mothers who consumed 12 ounces or more of seafood every week during their pregnancy gave birth to babies with a high verbal IQ, strong social and communication skills and high motor skills as well.

Julie McCaffrey advises that, except for rolls that contain mackeral, shark, tilefish, and swordfish, sushi is just rice, seaweed, and veggies, You can have other fish like salmon, which is high in omega -3 fatty acids and go
od for brain development. However, don’t overdo it on the tuna – keep it under 12 oz. or about two maki/rolls per week.

salt shakerMyth#4: Salt and Swelling up are sisters.

Fact: Salt is an essential ingredient for not only nutrition but also taste. Swelling up of body parts during pregnancy is normal and can not be totally blamed on one’s salt intake.

If you experience a lot of swelling during pregnancy then you should perhaps take more rest and wait for the nine months to pass. Salt intake need not be cut down until otherwise advised by your doctor.

Myth #5: Don’t want stretch marks? Use Cocoa butter.cocoa butter cream for stretch marks

Fact: This is absolutely wrong.
There is no cream which can prevent stretch marks. The formation of stretch marks is mostly related to a woman’s collagen and how well a woman’s skin stretches which is usually a matter of heredity.

Cocoa butter is a great moisturizer, however it is not absorbed deeply enough to control stretch mark formation.  On the contrary, applying to much of the cream can make the mother’s skin increasingly sensitive and may even cause allergies or rashes.

alcohol and pregnancyMyth #6: No coffee. No alcohol. Be a good girl!

Fact: You surely don’t need to go over the top, but having a cup of coffee in a day won’t hurt the baby for sure; nor will a drink a week. After all, would-be mothers also need to relax and have fun during pregnancy.

Mariam Bandarian, a certified health coach and nutritionist at, also believes that a small glass of red wine once in a while will not do any harm to the growing baby.

“Luckily for pregnant moms (and everyone around them!), it’s perfectly safe to drink one cup a day. But don’t overdo it – more than 200 mg of caffeine a day might put you at risk for preterm labor or miscarriage.”

Julie McCaffrey, Chief Brand Officer of

Myth #7: Craving for French Fries? It’s a Boy! Craving for Donuts? A girl’s your way!

Fdonuts during pregnancyact: Cravings have absolutely nothing to do with the sex of the baby. Cravings vary from mother-to-mother and may actually indicate the deficiency that the mother’s body is going through rather than the sex of the little one kicking inside!

Julie McCaffrey also states that there is no evidence that spicy foods trigger pre-term labor. If this were true, there would be entire countries where pregnant women would have a hard time finding food.

With these common and strongly believed myths busted, I intended to fetch some relief to the mother-to-be reading this post of mine. So, don’t worry the next time you crave for that sea fish starter or feel like having a cup of coffee after a tiring day at work. Not to mention, that some food items that cause an allergy in you or are not allowed by your doctor, should not be consumed under any circumstances.

Terreece Clarke, journalist and CEO at LifeSlice Media and a mother of three, suggests that the Mommy-to-be should ‘splurge’ on healthy foods and shouldn’t fill herself up with empty calories at a time when she is the most responsible for another young life.

Mommies, don’t forget to sleep tight and gear up to welcome the most precious asset of your life.

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