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9 Most Effective Facial Yoga Poses To Look 10 Years Younger


9 Most Effective Facial Yoga Poses To Look 10 Years Younger


facial-yogaYou might have the perfect bikini body, a surf board stomach, toned up arms and thighs, but for some reason, you tend to badly neglect your facial muscles. You think that’s not a major concern. Oh well, you are so wrong.

Your hot body loses its charm, if your face doesn’t glow. Those fine lines around the eyes, cheeks and chin, the bags under your eyes, can ruin every beautiful part of you. You tend to age prematurely, which means your skin loses elasticity before it is meant to.

So, if you don’t take enough care of your face (by which I really don’t mean facial fillers and injections), you may as well be prepared to lose 6-7 years of your youth before time. On the other hand, if you move those facial muscles along with the rest of your body, you will feel delighted every time you see yourself in the mirror.

So, be done with that colorless face and sagging skin, because this week on skin and beauty, it’s time to introduce some facial yoga into your workout routine.



Facial Yoga To Your Rescue

Sounds fascinating right? Well, it results are equally fascinating.

  • It includes few simple poses or exercises(whatever you like to name them), that will help tone up those facial muscles for good. I promise they won’t consume more than 15 minutes of your workout. In fact, the fun part is you can do them anytime, while enjoying your favorite TV show, or when you’re the acting chef at your kitchen or busy tapping at the keyboard.
  • If you stick with these quick exercises regularly, you can see your facial contours change within a few months. Working out with your face like this, can also guarantee a few extra years to your facial youth.
  • You go to spas and beauty centers to get your regular massages and facials. You can ease off your facial tension by complementing your spa retreats with these poses at home.

Quick Facial Poses To Get Your Face Lifted

smiling fish faceSmiling Fish Face

Muscles Involved: Engages the muscles of your cheeks, jaws and neck.

How To Do: Sit in an upright position and relax yourself. Inhale and smile as wide as you can. Hold your smile, while you exhale. Pucker your lips together and suck you cheeks in and pinch them. Be careful not to bite your cheeks. Repeat the process ten to 12 times.

Benefits: Strengthens and tones up your cheek and chin muscles.

Puppet Face

puppet faceMuscles Involved: Engages your cheeks, lips and jaw muscles

How To Do: Smile wide displaying your teeth. Gently press your finger tips on the crease between your nose and lips. Then lift your muscles up while pressing your finger tips down to apply little resistance. Repeat it at least 20 times.

Benefits: Fades away fine lines between the nose and lips while strengthening your cheek muscles, thus restoring plump cheeks and avoiding the future need for injectables. You need to perform this as many times so as to reap visible results.

Surprised Face

surprised faceMuscles Involved: Engages your eye muscles

How To Do: Open your eyes wide enough to reveal the white portion of your eyes. However, don’t raise your forehead muscles. Focus on a point forward and hold on for ten seconds. Repeat four to five times.

Benefits: Erases fine lines on your forehead.

The Mouth Wash Pose

mouthwash-face-yogaMuscles Involved: Cheeks, jaws and chin muscles.

How To Do: Inhale air into your mouth. Then shift the air from one cheek to another like, as if you are swishing mouthwash inside.

Benefits: Reduces chubbiness, tones your cheeks and strengthens your jaws and chin muscles.

Kiss The Sky Pose

kiss-the-sky-poseMuscles Involved: Engages your cheek and chin muscles

How To Do: Just lift your chin up towards the sky as much as you can so as to stretch your skin below your neck. Blow air out of your mouth imitating as if you are kissing the sky. Hold the pose for 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat it at least thrice.

Benefits: Firms your jaw lines highlighting your cheek bones. Highly effective in reducing double chin.

Lion Face Pose

lion-face-poseMuscles Involved: All your facial muscles

How To Do: Sit up straight. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue completely towards your chin. Now inhale through your nose and exhale via mouth. Pull your eyes wide open. Hold on for five to 10 seconds. Relax and repeat the sequence at least three times.

Benefits: Stretches and tones the whole face including your neck. Releases tension.

Baby Bird Pose

baby-bird-face-poseMuscles Involved: Neck and jaw muscles

How To Do: Tilt your head upwards. Now press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth and swallow at the same time. Relax and tilt your head a little towards either side to repeat the sequence. Do at least 3 repetitions.

Benefits: Prevents skin sagging and formation of jowls

Neck Roll Pose

neck-rollMuscles Involved: Jaw, throat and neck muscles

How To Do: Sit with an upright position. Now look down to pull your chin closer to your chest. Slowly roll your neck so your ear moves closer to the shoulders as you roll and finish it by reverting to the original position. Relax and repeat the roll clockwise and anti clock wise at least 10 times.

Benefits: Highly beneficial pose to get rid of double chin and attain a stronger jaw line. It also relieves tension around your neck and shoulders.

Legs Up The Wall Pose

legs-up-the-wallThis pose is like a tonic for your body as it brings oxygen rich blood flushing to your face. Just lie on the bed with your legs up the wall.

Benefits: Apart from bringing color to your face, this pose relieves mild back ache and releases cramped legs and feet. This pose is best to do just before you go to sleep. Check out 8 Minute Yoga Pose Sequence For Eight Hours Of Sleep.

These quick and easy to do yoga poses can bring your inner beauty to the surface and keep premature aging at bay. Try performing these exercises in front of the mirror initially to perform them with perfection. Also, keep your skin hydrated with plenty of water and a healthy diet to achieve the best results.

Facial yoga can become your second nature if you perform them with zeal in the beginning. If that happens, you won’t be needing facial fillers and injections when you age. Of course, nothing could be better than going natural right? Remember, you can perform these poses anytime and anywhere!

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