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The Final Ingredient In Your Weight Loss Plan

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The Final Ingredient In Your Weight Loss Plan


Did your over-eating concerns haunted you again this morning?

Did this come naturally while you were struggling to put on your jeans?

Staying cautious with one’s diet needs practice and it’s common to fall off the cart.

“Overeating” seemed to have become an indispensable activity in the present era of stress, where one seeks solace in something tempting, energy-imbibing and inoffensive. That something is food, my friends. Unlike your boss or partners who feel it is overrated, it’s priceless for you.

The palatable feel and texture, and oh, those sauces, in which you continue to dip your fries while discussing your diet plans, and how this is supposedly your “reward” day – these are ways in which you boost your self-esteem.

Though looking at a wardrobe full of clothes which no longer fit you, you may have at times wondered if this self-compassion can actually help you to fit in them.


Can self-compassion cure the compulsive habit of emotional binging?

I think you need to read the findings of study done in Wake forest University study.[1]

“We as people respond positively to positive feedback and general attention than to no or negative attention. Self-compassion means understanding what we do over the weeks, months and long period of times matters more than the occasional doughnut”.

The volunteers who received positive feedback even when overindulging, were better able to restrain themselves from overeating in future and thus, lost more weight.

So next time life throws mangoes at you, sell them off and make money!

That means even if you are not able to lose weight as per your expectations, try maintaining whatever you posses with grace and compassion.

The stressful week at gym led you to starve, sweat out in pain, and frustrated your emotional side. Therefore, you want to release control and pig out. But, you are scared that even the sight of a cheese burger will make you gain back that one inch you lost.

Then let me tell you this – While obesity may bring in a lot of health issues, diet-failure is not as hazardous as a missile-crash. It’s natural. Everybody stumbles once or twice.

To eat unhealthy (read: irresistibly yummy) once in a while is okay. Those who believe in this, treat themselves more compassionately and avoid self-criticism.

So, make a deal with yourself. Eat well, sweat out a well, and chill with a little weekend indulgence!!

“Self-compassion” is actually the missed out “nutrient” in your diet plan. Take an extra pill today and continue sculpting your body tomorrow.

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[1] Leary, M., Tate, E., Adams, C., Batts Allen, A., & Hancock, J. (2007). Self-compassion and reactions to unpleasant self-relevant events: The implications of treating oneself kindly. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 92 (5), 887-904 DOI: 10.1037/0022-3514.92.5.887 (pdf). ^Back to Top^

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