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The Yoga of Sex And Conscious Relating

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The Yoga of Sex And Conscious Relating


yoga for sex and relating

Sexual yoga opens up a whole new range of possibilities. Things like ‘relaxation orgasms’, which simply involve breathing consciously, opens possibilities of deeper satisfaction and enhancing the experience of lovemaking altogether. Go very slowly in lovemaking so that you relax into every movement. Eventually, you breathe slowly into orgasm and are able to feel it in a much deeper way.

The yoga of relating can also be helpful with difficult partnership situations, for instance, with the irritation we so often feel with the other’s way of dealing with everyday situations. When two couples arrive home from work, exhausted and stressed out – there is often unspoken and potent tension in the air. Then, something happens that irritates either of them and both just take it out on each other.

In such situations, instead of having a verbal slanging match, we need to pause, breathe and take a moment to really look at one another. But this again takes discipline and awareness. It definitely works if you are already using these sexual yogic practices in your sexual relationship. This allows you to connect at a deeper level, deeper than the superficial discord. Difficult emotions can surface but they can be dissipated or expressed more lovingly and creatively, because the connection is at a deeper level.

Anger, for instance, can fuel fantastic sex and enable deeper intimacy at the same time. So these yogic practices can be a great resource around conflict.The world of conscious sacred sexual and relationship practice is immense. When you discover how much there is to explore, the more of an adventure, it becomes.

Conscious Sex & Relating through Yoga open opportunities for far reaching pleasure and experience of deeper calmness of the soul apart from helping couples to understand each at the soul level.

Below, we share with you the seven yogic tips for conscious sex and relating that can transform your life.

1. Breathe. Maintain breath awareness, bring the breath right down to your belly as you intake, let the breath rise up, as you exhale, through the heart, and out to space. feel yourself grounded and in your body, feel your heart spacious and available.

2. Maintain eye contact. Relax the facial muscles, relax the eyes, relax the gaze. Let yourself be seen as you gently gaze into your partner’s eyes (better to focus on the left eye of your partner).

3. To deepen intimacy and connection, even if emotions are challenging, maintain a posture that is facing your partner and eye contact. Do not turn your face or body away, as much as possible. Words are not necessary.

4. If your partner’s posture is very yielding, asymmetrical or unstructured (a more receptive, feminine stance), assume a posture that is more structured, symmetrical, erect (a more active, masculine stance).

5. When touching your partner sensuously, maintain breath awareness and slow down. Feel your breath flowing into your hand and fingers, through to the physical point of contact, pay attention to all the details of sensation just where skin touches skin and allow your breath and energy to flow right through to your partner’s body, making this an honouring love offering.

6. In lovemaking, let any movement you make come as an expression of the breath and energy in your body, rising from your sex, belly and heart, whilst you are sensitively aware of your partner. Make any movement simply following this energy and sensitivity, not familiar patterns or any notions around what lovemaking ought to look like.

7. Love and respect yourself and your partner. Remember that you are ‘divine humans’. Honour differences and respect boundaries.

Some poses to help you with it:

1. Garland Pose (Malasana)

2. Downward Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

3. Archer’s Pose (Akarna Dhanurasana)

4. Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

Hope you enjoyed reading this article? Yoga for Sex can be extremely empowering. There’s more coming on yoga this week so stay tuned.

Image Source(s): Jasmine Kaloudis, Synergy by Jasmine

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