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What’s the Healthiest Working Snack Lunch?


What’s the Healthiest Working Snack Lunch?



You are halfway through the day, your brain and your energy needs a boost. You need something that you could munch meanwhile before you grab some healthy lunch or snack. But we are smart asses! We skip these small meals thinking that it might add to our daily calorie count.Want to have something that is healthy and has low calorific count? Here’s few tips from us that will help you choose the healthiest working snack lunch for you.

1. Don’t Overeat

You’ll get better energy by snacking on a piece of fruit mid-morning and mid-afternoon, preferably art apple or pear, and keeping lunch relatively light.

2. You Want to Eat Some Protein

Some slow-releasing carbohydrate and some fresh veg is the need of yours. Imagine your plate divided in half. Half should be salad or fresh vegetables. The remaining half should be half protein, such as fish, chicken, eggs, beans or tofu, and the other half slow-releasing carbohydrate such as whole wheat bread, pasta or brown rice. A chicken sandwich with wholemeal bread and Dads of salad would hit the mark. Alternatively, egg and cress, but ideally you want double the cress contained in a standard sandwich. A bean and rice salad with some vegetables would be great for a vegetarian. Or, if you’re on the road try a small tub of hummus (chickpea spread), a raw carrot and half a dozen oatcakes.

3. Don’t Drink Fizzy Drinks

Either have water (still or naturally carbonated), apple juice or best of all an Optio, which is blend of fruit juice s with optimal amounts of nutrients.

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