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Yoga Poses: Tree Pose (Vrksasana)


Yoga Poses: Tree Pose (Vrksasana)



Tree pose or the Vrksasana, as it is called in Sanskrit, is one another yoga pose inspired by the nature. This standing pose has been found to be very effective in sciatica and flat foot. It has also been found helpful in improving blood circulation in the genital area while stretching and relaxing groin muscles.

Benefits of Tree pose

The pose is highly effective in lengthening and relaxing muscle fibers of the upper body. It is used mainly to help one gain a better sense of balance. While perfecting to hold your weight on one leg, it strengthens thighs and ankles, and improves grip of toes, thereby improving overall stability and stride.

Getting in the pose

What you need: Room with fresh air (if you’re doing it inside, otherwise do it in open area), and you.

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Initial Position: Stand straight with hands folded in namaste position.

Gaze: While performing this pose, concentrate your gaze in front.


  1. As you inhale, shift your weight on your right leg and lift your left leg sideways. As you do that try balancing your left foot on your right thigh as high up as possible.
  2. Toes of the bent leg should point straight to the floor and while your other foot should be resting completely on the floor. Make sure your bent knee isn’t folding forwards. It should be stretched on the side creating a tension in the groin area.
  3. Gradually, lift your hands upwards and stretch as much as possible. As you gain a better sense of balance, you should be able to do step 1 and 3 simultaneously.
  4. Hold the position and breath for 15-30 seconds as a beginner. Later you must hold it even longer, say a minute or more.
  5. Gently exhale and revert to the starting position.
  6. Now, repeat the pose with shifting weight on left leg. This will complete one cycle of Tree pose. Do it twice in a practice along with other poses.

If you feel exhausted, lie down in Savasana or Corpse pose to relax.

Other variations

  • Palm Tree pose variation: Since this pose is one of the most versatile and modifiable poses of yoga, you can also perform it with your hands stretching parallel upwards, or even in V-shape.
  • Upward Tree Pose or Urdhva Vrksasana (easier version): This variation does not require balancing body weight on one leg.

Important Notes

  • This is a Vinyasa yoga pose and hence, movements must be synchronized with the breath. That way, you strengthen your internal as well as external system simultaneously.
  • People with issues of high and extremely low blood pressure are advised against doing this pose.

Beginner Tip: Though it is an easy pose, most people find it difficult to balance on one leg first. So, if you are doing it as a beginner, which is good, try doing it with side support of a wall, to develop an initial sense of balance and identify your center of weight. Later, move to doing it without support.

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