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11 Fitness Myths Marketers Like to Promote

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11 Fitness Myths Marketers Like to Promote



Newspapers, journals, magazines, internet websites, social networking and advertisers shout heavy on fitness trends these days. But in spite of the statistics stating obesity to hit 80% of population by 2020, it may be disheartening to note that a 3/4th page on fitness trend on an average is full of myths and false promises. No more getting attracted by fallacies like -“To look younger, healthier, more beautiful than ever- follow this”.

Listed below are some worst fitness myths of all times:

Fitness Myth #1: Fat is bad!

Fat seems to be the most ignorant mineral in the diet of the so called ‘DIET CONSCIOUS’. Of course, excess of everything is bad, may it be fats or anything, but even to tone down your body, you need proper fat intake. Let me not forget to mention, fat is an excellent hormone balancer. A recent research shows that a higher fat diet can help one loose more than a diet higher in carbs.[1]

The logic is pure scientific. Fats which we intake are either broken down to release energy or are stored in Liver for future use. Carbs, on the other hand are either used up for present energy needs or converted to fat [2] and go on to give you a love handles, jelly belly and curviliscious thighs. So, while you do need to cut down on fats and carbs, you first need to put a hold on excess of carbs.

Further, not consuming fats at all might give you a toned body but would scrape off all the healthy glow off your skin and the natural shine from your hair. Toned and lifeless, hope that’s not how you are imagining yourself.

Here, just keep in mind to eat in moderation. I say that, because not consuming carbs at all will also pose a serious threat to your health. They are the readily available energy sources of the body and not eating enough would not only leave you dizzy and weak but will also attack your protein deposits (muscles) to break down and release some energy.

Fitness Myth #2: Regular is always better than 2-3 heavy meals.

Eating on and off at small intervals of about 2 to 3 hours is recommended rather than having heavy meals twice in a day. Very correct, because this keeps your metabolism constantly at work and you neither feel very hungry, nor consume excess.

But, this won’t work if you’re overeating. Choose an eating plan that’s right for YOU, understanding the portion sizes, meal profiles (balancing protein, carbs, and fats) and proper timing between successive diets to make the most of it.

Customized meal plans are best in my opinion. To some intermittent fasting works . They go on consuming shit loads of calories in just two meals. While for some its eating in small portions 5-6 times a day that gets them healthier. So, sit with your nutrition expert and fitness instructor to chart out a diet plan that works best for your body.

Fitness Myth #3: Natural, means its good for you!

Any vegetable growing in your garden cannot just be claimed as being good for health just because of the simple reason of it being natural or organic. Of course, they are absolutely fat free but rich in all kinds of sugars. Similarly, taking juices are not that necessary for getting fit. Although your fitness quotient should not be at risk, anyhow!!

Fitness Myth #4: Hunger means you need food.

As science tells us, being hungry does not necessarily mean you need food. It can also be a sign of fatigue or sleeplessness. So, next time you feel your stomach asking for more, try silencing it with a little rest. Although, its highly variable on your everyday eating schedule and your level of activity. Hence, weigh all variables and then conclude what is it you actually need – food or rest.

Fitness Myth #5: Eating at night is bad.

Eating or snacking before hitting hay is not as bad as they tell you. You’re going to be inactive physically all night, but your systems are still at work. Not eating a good amount of slow digesting carbs might leave you feeling sleepy and sickly in morning when you wake up.

Fitness Myth #6: Yoga for ‘Yo Guise’

Till date, yoga is considered as the best technique make human body fit. But Yoga can make you leaner and, even lead to drastic weight loss. However, there are a lot styles available targeting different fitness goals and one can easily make a choice. A comprehensive list of the most popular yoga styles, with their benefits and salient features is summarized in this article: Yoga Lingo for Dummies

Fitness Myth #7: Quality of run depends on a lot of factors.

There are certain myths about running you need to keep away from. Following factors would not matter your body when you’re running:

  • Speed of running
  • Weather outside
  • Your age
  • No. of days lapsed without running
  • Your running partner
  • Track of running
  • Time of run

These are merely variables in your running routine and don’t have much influence individually. However, when clubbed together, for instance, speed of running and time of run may have an impact on your overall running results.

Fitness Myth #8: Toning shoes can reduce fat by just wearing them.

Celebrities’ advertisements on toning shoes will hardly matter to a person doing regular trials and tribulations to become fit. Any pair of shoes which your feet love to be in can make calorie count fall. Its all about being and feeling comfortable.

But, if you want to shed pounds, you gotta sweat for it. Toning shoes are just a marketing stint.

Fitness Myth #9: Fooling Bracelets.

It might ignite an immediate red flag on some heads as it must be signified that, bracelets which aim to balance our body and enhance our work potential are perhaps misleading. No evidence proves their success yet. No magnetic hocus-pocus can balance your hormones, and nor can they make you more productive or less susceptible to diseases. Sorry for those who have already spent hundreds on it.

Fitness Myth #10: Exercises can be focused for a body part.

Total bullshit! Every body part is connected to other parts in some way or the another and when you workout, whether focusing whole body or some part, like upper body, the benefit gets distributed to whole. So, when you want to define one part of your body, work on whole with emphasis on that particular body part. Only this way can you achieve desired results.

Fitness Myth #11: Muscle building exercises are different for men and women.

Muscle building exercises are same for both the genders, the only difference is in the intensity and amount of  weight used to achieve that.

Hope the above content makes you feel lighter and helps you to throw out all deceiving information about fitness. After reading this, all you need to do is to opt for a no-fail routine and stick to it. Here’s how you can make your routine far more easier to follow and all the more achievable:  How Do I Consistently Follow My New Year’s Resolution???


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