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Dieting Fads That Don’t Work and Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

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Dieting Fads That Don’t Work and Can Be Dangerous to Your Health


Everyone wants to lose weight and have the perfect body but want to take the easy way out.

What’s their easy way out? Fad diets.

Fad diets are drastic approaches to weight loss while avoiding eating healthy and exercising. These diets are intended to help you lose weight in a matter of days, sometimes weeks, but they’re limiting to a point where it’s completely unrealistic to maintain that lifestyle or it poses a serious threat to your health.

Some of these diets sound dangerous, so why would anyone want to even engage in it?

Well, some people want their perfect bodies overnight. The thing that people are failing to realize is that the weight you gained didn’t happen overnight, and losing that weight will take just as much time, even more, to lose.

There’s a right and a wrong way to lose weight. Everything from full-body juice cleanses to limiting how much you eat, there are non-life-threatening approaches to weight loss.

Unfortunately, people get swayed too easily by the “glitter” of fad diets. Nonetheless, if you’re reading this, you’re looking to lose weight or at least have an interest in health and wellness.

If your goal is to lose weight, do it the healthy way, and stay far away from fad diets that don’t work and potentially cause serious health issues.

1. The Tapeworm Diet

Yes, you read that correctly… there is a diet called the tapeworm diet. This diet involves swallowing a capsule filled with tapeworm eggs. Once the capsule is swallowed and digested, the tapeworm eggs will then hatch and absorb the food you eat before your body does.

With this drastic measure, you’re going to experience weight loss, loss of appetite, nausea, and malnutrition. If they get out of your intestines, you can have severe organ damage and fever… These symptoms are the result of tapeworm infection, according to the Mayo Clinic. These parasitic invaders can live in your body for up to 30 years if not treated with anti-parasitic medication!

Hopefully, you don’t want to lose weight that bad.

2. The Air Diet

The air diet seems pretty maintainable, right? 🤭. The air diet is known as breatharianism and it involves you consuming nothing but air, water, and a sodium soup. To say this diet is dangerous is an understatement but it isn’t as lethal as the tapeworm diet!

3. The Cotton Ball Diet

Of all the diet and fitness tips out there, there’s not one tip, recipe, or trend that involves eating cotton balls. On the cotton ball diet, you’re supposed to dip the cotton balls in juice and swallow them. The goal is to ingest around five cotton balls to fill your stomach and make yourself feel full without having consumed any calories.

This diet can be fatal and cause blockages. Do not attempt this diet. If it sounds ridiculous to you, that’s because it is.

4. The Cigarette Diet

This particular diet started in the 1920s for models and actresses. The idea was that smoking curbed your appetite, so as a way to lose weight, they were replacing their sugar intake with nicotine, thinking they were taking the healthy route to losing weight. Instead, they were making themselves look older and putting themselves at risk for cancer.

You can have all of that too but at the cost of risking your life of cancer and wrinkles.

5. The KE Diet

This particular diet involves consuming food through a feeding tube. Participants are to wear a portable feeding tube for 10 days consuming 800 calories per day in liquid form through the feeding tube. The solution consists of various vitamins, minerals, proteins, and oils.

But to be considered for this drastic diet, you have to have a BMI of at least 27 or more and you’re going to have to pay upward amounts of $1,600 for the 10-day plan. The most cringeworthy part about this diet is that the feeding tube goes through your nose. If you want to lose weight that bad and don’t mind walking around with a tube up your nose for 10 days, then hey, go for it! But it’s not recommended.


Weight loss is indeed a journey, and it’s not going to happen overnight. Patience is key, and your safety comes first. If you’re going to embark on a weight loss journey do it the right way and be safe.

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