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The Quickest Guide to Gaining Muscle Weight


The Quickest Guide to Gaining Muscle Weight


Many people want to gain muscle weight for various reasons – they want to be stronger, look a certain way, lose fat, or be healthier. Often, people think that simply consuming more calories will help them gain muscle, but that isn’t the case.

To see significant muscle growth, you’ll have to put in some effort. Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you on your journey by sharing a few things you can do to gain muscle weight.

1. Consume more protein

This is one thing that almost everyone knows – protein builds muscle. Therefore, the more protein you incorporate into your diet, the more you’ll be able to see its effects. Try adding some form of protein to each meal.

You can also add protein into your daily diet outside of your meals, by supplementing your meals with a protein shake or swapping your regular water for this peach protein water.

2. Take rest days

This may sound counterproductive since you might assume that to build muscle, you’ll need to be in the gym every single day. While regular exercise definitely plays a big role in your muscle growth, your body needs time to rest, since this is when your body has time to restore itself and actually grow your muscles.

Find a balance between when you exercise and when you take a day off, and you might find that you end up gaining more muscle than you would if you exercised every day. Aside from muscle growth, there are loads of benefits to taking a rest day.

3. Lift weights

Another common fact is that cardio burns fat, weightlifting builds muscle (and burns fat). This isn’t to say that you should only lift weights. You can still fit in a cardio or yoga session, but your main focus should be weightlifting if your main goal is to gain muscle mass.

Weight training can be intimidating, and you can also injure yourself if you push yourself too hard, too fast. Be sure to start off slow and gently increase intensity as you grow stronger. Don’t fret if you can’t immediately lift the heaviest weights; beginner weight training will still help you with gaining muscle.

4. Get enough sleep

Bizarre, right? But it’s true.

Getting a good night’s rest is vital to your muscle weight gain journey. It works in a similar way to taking a rest day, only this is something you can do every day. When we sleep, our bodies have time to rest, and therefore, your muscles actually grow while you sleep.

5. Eat enough carbs

Many people make the decision to entirely cut out carbs when they are trying to gain muscle since they equate carbs with fat and protein with muscle. While this is true to an extent, there’s more to it than just that.

You will still need to consume carbs during your muscle mass journey. In fact, it can help you with gaining muscle. The key is to eat carbs at the right time. Eating carbs a few hours before your workout can help you have more energy to do the actual workout. Eating carbs soon after a workout will help gain more muscle mass.

6. Eat regular, smaller meals

Instead of eating three big meals, try eating six small meals. This will help give you more energy throughout the day and also help prevent cravings. Cravings can be detrimental to all of your progress. You could have gotten so far in your journey only to be transported back a few steps due to giving in to cravings and eating foods that will undo all your hard work.

7. Go slowly

While you might feel the urge to blow through your workout as quickly as possible, that won’t be the most beneficial for your muscle weight gain. Studies have shown that slower reps and slower movements help more with muscle-building than rushed movements.

So, take your time and focus on your form instead of your speed. It might take a bit longer to get through your workout in the gym, but overall you’ll probably be able to reach your goal sooner.

8. Set realistic goals

No matter what methods you follow, you’ll probably give up if you set unreachable goals for yourself. It’s not going to take a few days to sustainably gain muscle mass, so set realistic goals for yourself and be prepared to put in a lot of time and effort.


Stick to these tried and tested methods, be consistent, and never give up on your goals.

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