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11 Snack Swaps To Cut Down 500 Calories a Day


11 Snack Swaps To Cut Down 500 Calories a Day



The human nature is difficult to understand. We want to eat more and hope to keep ourselves slim and low on calorie count. Do you think twice before gulping a piece of cake or a delicious mouth watering apple pie pudding? Or do you give a second thought about the calorie count contained in chocolate you are eating?
We do zillions of tantrums! Switching over some low calorie sweets, going for sugar substitutes and what not! But the killing desire of our food conscious community to cut down on calories remains unfulfilled.  Are you wanting to lose 500 calories a day? To fulfill your wish and desire we bring you tips to cut down calories and burn 500 calories without even noticing.

Go Naked

If you’re used to eating roast chicken with the skin on, removing the skin will reduce the calorie count from 220 to 155 for an average portion, as most of the fat is in the skin. Trim the calories further by removing any excess fat before cooking.

Swap Shop

Swap a bowl of normal ice cream (at 310 calories and 20 g fat) for low fat frozen yogurt (at 200 calories and 2.5 g fat) that’s it saving of 110 calories and astounding 17.5 g fat per serving! It tastes wonderful, too.

Half Your Sandwich

Try opting for half a sandwich at lunch time, rather than your usual whole one, it’s an easy way to half your calories & you might find you just feel just as full but less sluggish as a result.

Drink Light

Choose smarter and healthier alternatives of light beer, which has an average or 95 calories per bottle, rather than the usual kind, which has around 150 calories. It might sound like a small saving, but if you’re having it two or three times a week, it could soon add up into a meaningful cut in the calorie count.

Dilute Your Drink

Alcohol adds many hidden calories – why not spread out your daily dose of wine into one or two spritzers and opt for low calorie mixers where possible. You can save around 50 calories in a gin and tonic merely by switching to light tonic.

Stay Low with Water

Liquid calories are digested much more quickly than solid, and provide a lot of extra calories without filling you up, which means it’s likely you’ll eat just as much food as you would without them. Two cups of fizzy drink each day is 220 calories, which is 10 kg (23 lb) in weight over a year. Water is the best option.

Skim on the Milk

Each time you swap 1 cup of skimmed milk for one of whole milk, you’ll save 70 calories. Based on one serving a day, at the end of the year you will save more than 25,000 calories and potentially lose 3 kg (7 lb).


If you swap 30 g (1 oz) reduced-fat cheese (90 calories) for 30 g (1 oz) regular cheese (115 calories), you’ll save 25 calories. And if you swap it for fat-free cheese, you’ll save 75 calories per ounce – perfect for sauces or pizza where the taste of the cheese isn’t paramount.

Pick of the Pizzas

If you want to add a serving of’ ice cream to your pizza meal, save the calories by choosing a vegetarian pizza over one with meat, which will reduce the calorie content from around 1000 to 700, leaving you an extra 300 to finish your meal off in style!

Think Drinks

If you’re trying to cut down on your calories, don’t forget to count what you drink as well as what you eat. There are at least as many calories in the average can of fizzy drink as in a slice of cake.

A Hot Date

Instead of reaching for the high calorific value chocolates after a meal, pop a date into your mouth. They contain much less sugar than chocolates and a range of health-giving vitamins and minerals, but still have a rich, sweet taste.

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