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10 Beers That Keep You Healthier


10 Beers That Keep You Healthier


Beers have had a reputation of bad-for-you beverage. But are there beers that can be healthy? Yes, there is GOOD NEWS for Beer Lovers because beers can actually be a healthier drink choice. Ok, that doesn’t mean you live on beer day and night. It should still be an occasional drink. There are multiple benefits of beer like:-

  • It can be nutritious.
  • It contains vital nutrients like potassium (92 mg), calcium (14 mg) and of phosphorus (48 mg).
  • It prevents diseases.

Here is an exclusive list of healthy beers you can choose from without worrying about its ill effects.

1. Yuengling Light Lager: The Yuengling Light is  of yellow color. Its Alcohol by Volume is 3.8%, which    is far less than the average for all American Lager Beer.

Alcohol Content : 3.8%, Calories : 98 ;  Carbs : 9 grams.

2. New Planet 3R Raspberry Ale:  A light bear with a mild berry flavor. It is an excellent beer to have with meals or by themselves for lighter beer drinkers.

Alcohol Content : 5%, Calories : 160, Carbs : 17 grams.

3. Abita Purple Haze: Purple Haze is a crisp, American style wheat beer with  and has a raspberry pure added after filtration. It has ethereal coloration, fruity fragrance and tartly sugary taste.

Alcohol Content : 4.2%, Calories : 145, Carbs : 11 grams.

4. Left Hand Good Juju: The beer is light in body, has low alcohol content with distinct ginger aroma, with a very crisp finish. This is perfect for those who wants full flavor without compromising with their waistline.

Alcohol Content : 4.5%, Calories : 131, Carbs : 12.1 grams.

5. Guinness Draught: It is a classic beverage having a creamy flavor with a secretly healthy twist. Packed with phenols, this super-dark staple brings the taste and feels of a stout and contains fewer carbohydrates and calories. Type: Stout

Alcohol Content: 4%, Calories: 126, Carbs: 10 grams.

6. Sam Adam’s Light Lager: It is lighter than standard lagers. This whiskey-colored beer has light aroma skips, light caramel, bready malt in the palate, and most surprising, a medium bodied mouth feel.

Alcohol Content: 4%, Calories: 119, Carbs: 9.7 grams.

7. New Belgium Blue Paddle: The New Belgium Blue Paddle Pilsner is of yellow color. Its Alcohol by Volume is 4.8%, which is quite less than the average for all German Lager Beer. Each bottle has 140 Calories.

Alcohol Content: 4.8%, Calories: 140.

8. Full Sail Session Lager: It has bright gold color, transparent body. The taste is mild.

Alcohol Content: 5.1%, Calories: 135,  Carbs: 10 grams.

9. Butte Creek Organic India Pale Ale: The Butte Creek Organic IPA is of yellow color. Its Alcohol percentage is 6.4% and each bottle contains 201 Calories.

Alcohol Content: 6.4%, Calories: 201.

10. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale:The Sierra Nevada Pale Ale has a color of Amber. Its Alcohol percentage is 5.6%. Each bottle contains 175 Calories.

Alcohol Content: 5.6%, Calories: 175.

So next time you are boozing, booze off with the beers we have told you or you can also get a beer brewing equipment to brew your own beer. So boozing is not unhealthier anymore. However, too much of anything is still harmful. So Drink Responsibly. Celebrate Humanely.

  1. anugrah

    August 3, 2013

    very good information about the beers and truly a very nice article

  2. Antonio Dcruz

    September 7, 2013

    The write up on beer is good and informative. Keep it going and will help all those who bank only on alcohol content being more.

    thanks for the info