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3 Low Calorie Sweets To Try On Rakshabandhan


3 Low Calorie Sweets To Try On Rakshabandhan


Its festive season with loads of sweets pouring in. Sweet Intake can’t be ruled out so do the bulk of calories entering your belly. Any lovely sweet sister & brother pair will bring sweets for each other on this Raksha Bandhan. But you don’t want that those sweets to waste your effort of a day’s workout.  The high calorie intake will wash away all your sweat and calories you’ve burnt in the gym. We aren’t stopping you from celebrating this festival with Sweets. But we are giving away 3 awesome sweet servings that you can happily take without working too much about the calorie intake.To keep the charm of the love you share with your siblings, read on for the exclusive list of 3 low calorie sweets you must try on this festival.

1. Frozen Chocolate banana 

The yummy low calorie chocolate is good on calorie count. With just 75 calorie intake, the mouth-watering sweet chocolate gives you enough taste of chocolate. Banana dipped in chocolate provides you with all necessary Vitamins.

The frozen chocolate serves a slight purpose of banana ice cream too.

2. Dried Fruits

A handful of dried fruits can give you 40-80 calories in a serving. Rich in nutrients and enough to satisfy your sweet tooth habits, dried fruits are a great source of minerals and vitamins.

But make sure that you have a control over your sweet tooth craving. They are rich in calories so have a control.

3. Dark Chocolates

A small piece of dark chocolate gives you 30-80 calories. The calorie quantity varies with chocolate brand, cocoa percentage and size of piece. Cocoa acts as an antioxidant. Higher the percentage of cocoa, the better is chocolate.

Don’t let your brother or sister think much before gulping a bite. Share your love and spread happiness with your loved ones. Did you like our idea for this season? If yes then share this article with others. Share and spread the the happiness with health.

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