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CBD While Breastfeeding: Everything You Should Know

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CBD While Breastfeeding: Everything You Should Know


CBD and other marijuana products are all over the internet nowadays. Even if you know nothing about them, you will see an ad or two pop up anytime. All this new stuff on the internet must have made you both excited and confused. You must be wondering if that looks nice, but how do I try that? Is it safe? or most importantly, is it legal? It must be a concern of many people.

There are a lot of products available in the market. But must be concerned to choose the best one from the lot. Some prominent brands include Sunday scaries CBD, cannabryl, the trost, and crushed organic. They are some of the well-liked brands available in the market nowadays. We hope that we can help you choose the right one.

Yes, you can try some of them if you want to explore the world of CBD. They are comfortable to use, available, and sold legally. So, coming to the topic of discussion today, Can breastfeeding mothers take cannabinoids? Is it safe for the infant? If not, then what can be the consequences?

These are some of the concerns we will look into today. We will discuss whether it is safe to use CBD during breastfeeding. So, let’s begin-

CBD: What defines it ?

You need not worry we are here to tell you all you want to know about this miraculous compound. It has got some qualities that are so astounding that they are hard to ignore. So, after seeing it being the hero on the internet, it is fascinating, and you must want to know about it as soon as possible.

CBD is more or less a cousin to THC, as both of them are compounds extracted from the hemp plant. Both of them, even if isolated, have some trace quantity of the other present in them. Its full name is a cannabinoid, which goes by CBD for short. Its natural state is oil, which is dense and heavy. You will need heat to use it, which forms vapors.

This system deals with a lot of functions essential for living. Its course of action is also similar to THC. It interacts with the EC system of the body with CB1 and CB2 receptors. But, what is different in it compared to THC? It is the absence of psychoactive nature. It does not make you high. So, if you were thinking of trying CBD for this purpose, you should think about changing to THC.

It can come in various forms; pure one does not have THC in them, while other variants can have THC in varying quantities. You can go for the version as it is safer compared to other ones. It is significantly legal compared to THC. But it should not contain more than 0.3% of THC in it. It is legal for you to take these products.

A guide to natural benefits –

Well, all of the talks on the internet are about its benefits only. So, you must already know some of the benefits discussed below. Epidiolex is a medicine that contains CBD that can show a reduction in the number of attacks. We can say that it has many advantages. It can especially prove to be a boon to little children who deal with epilepsy and have seizures regularly.

  • It helps treat mental health issues. Patients with depression and other mental health-related problems observed improvement in their condition right after consumption.
  • It can make you deal better with your trauma without making you high all the time. It is surprising for someone who does not like the feeling of being high.
  • It can also help you with that crippling anxiety you always feel in large crowds. Tension can be proven a hindrance if you work in a corporate world with cut-throat competition.
  • It helps with all sorts of neurological disorders and even diabetes. It helps treat arthritis. It will offer relief from muscle pain and cramps, which come with having arthritis.
  • It cures chronic pain. It’s helpful with hangovers and painful headaches. It is more effective than painkillers, which only relieve pain superficially. But, topicals which are a type of CBD , can provide better results.

Everything you would want to know regarding CBD use during breastfeeding –

You should not try CBD if you are breastfeeding. Then we would say that it is a bad idea. Doctors who know better about the benefits and drawbacks will recommend the same thing. We know most mothers after parturition have some mental ailments. The most common is postpartum depression. It’s a time when the mother needs the support of her family the most.

The sleepless nights taking care of the baby take a toll on the mental health after some time. If there is not enough support, then it is another problem. When these new mothers start to break under this constant stress, they often strive to find ways to relieve some of the stress. They tend to be biased towards the hemp-products as they are known to help soothe the brain and provide a sense of euphoria.

CBD is very harmful to take if you are a breastfeeding mother. You must think it can provide you with an escape from your rigorous daily life. But it will prove to be a mistake on your part. It is observed in some studies that small amounts of it can transfer from the mother to child if the mother is consuming such things. Above all, it will be harmful to your kid. You definitely would not want that to happen to your child.

It is potent as it can be present in breast milk even after some time has passed after consumption. You can imagine it can prove toxic if it’s present in the children’s digestive system. We do not know the specific hazards that happen to newborns who have CBD in their blood passed on from their mothers. But it is dangerous for newborns as it is a drug that can harm them if the dose is high.

So, we can say that consuming CBD cherry gummies if you are a breastfeeding mother is a bad idea. We recommend you reconsider your decision. Doctors do not recommend it, and we do not either. It is harmful to your child’s health, and you should try to avoid its use till you are breastfeeding. Otherwise, it may become toxic. Stay safe!

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