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5 Ways This Winter Might Affect Your Sexual Life (Guest Post)


5 Ways This Winter Might Affect Your Sexual Life (Guest Post)


5 ways this winter might affect your sexual life

These are 5 ways in which the coming winter months might have an impact on your sex life. It really depends what you spend your time doing during the holidays and the months beyond, but these are some facts that seem to ring true for many people for the duration of the winter season.

Statistically People Have Sex More Frequently During Winter

This is a well-documented fact; people all over the world have sex more during the cold winter months. In areas of the world with longer winter seasons, this remains true statistically. During the cold weather, human beings tend to gather in groups more often, but also engage in more private and indoor activities overall. Another factor maybe that during cold weather, most cultures partake in ritualistic consumption of richer foods with wine and alcohol frequently. These intoxicants play a small, but significant part in an increased sexual promiscuity among singles and couples.

Many Couples Get Pregnant During the Holiday Season

People are most likely to conceive a child during the month of December, a trend which continues throughout the winter months. According to studies of conception rates in the United States, December is the month children in America are most likely to be conceived. Approximately 9% percent of American babies were conceived in December and even higher numbers throughout the winter months statistically [1]. The main reasoning behind this is that an increase in sexual activities is generally associated with the holidays, with New Year’s being a high point for such promiscuity. In contrast, other similar studies have concluded that August is the month with the least reproductive activity. Some scientists postulate that the hotter summer months negatively impact sperm count [2] and seasonal changes may affect fertility in females, due to the longer hours of daylight and how it alters the functions of female ovaries.

People Watch Greater Amounts of Pornography at Home

Today pornography is more accessible than ever before. It is a pass time that a large percentage of single men and women engage in regularly. During the winter season, more people stay at home and use modern entertainment to pass the time. In the information age, this means that people are watching increasingly greater amounts of pornographic videos and films from their homes. Search engines are flooded with sexually explicit term throughout the holiday season. Also more people sign up for online dating and social networking websites around these times, this data suggests that many people are searching for love as well as sex. It may be an indication that they are unsure how to work their web browser properly, as well.

Men Find Women More Sexy and Attractive in the Winter Season

This one may be surprising to some readers, but also makes perfect sense. Psychologically speaking, most men find women more enticing and looking their hottest during the winter months. The theories about this vary, but most believe that since women wear more clothing during the cold season, men don’t get to see as much of their bodies uncovered. Therefore, men get more excited out of anticipation and this causes women to be more attractive during the winter. This also probably adds to the amount of time men pursue sexual activities, because they want to see more of those feminine warm bodies and to snuggle of course. The facts are clear in research studies, that men find women more sexy and attractive, when they are bundled up for the winter season.

Some Men Experience a Seasonal Drop in Their Sex Drive

Some research indicates that male sex drive is weaker during the winter months. Studies have found that testosterone is generally lowest in early springtime and winter time. Theories state that this maybe because early human beings had to spend time in a state similar to hibernation, to avoid the elements and survive the harshness of the seasonal changes. This is still up for debate, but there are indications that winter might bring a drop in the male libido. This same thing may be experienced by some men during the spring, so there is a seasonal component to sex drive that is still being understood clinically [3]. This decrease in libido will tend to impact sexual performance, both for men and women.

About Author:

Dorothy Oh is a medical student who enjoys writing and reading about male sexual health, female sexual health and skin care. She writes passionately on anything that involves the human body and loves to dispense unbiased advice through her writing. Dorothy also enjoys reading, exploring alternative treatments to medical conditions, skating and swimming.


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