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Effects of exercise on women’s sex drive


Effects of exercise on women’s sex drive


effect of exercise on women's sex drive

Physical intimacy is an exercise in disguise. True That! But how many of us intend to get intimate seeking exercise? ‘Who does that’? Yeah right, but, it can be the other way round. The Strenuous rigor felt during a physical activity might just lead you to an erotic session with your partner. Commencing an exercise regime is important (like really important!). Now what if I tell you to exercise so that you could perform better in bed? And I tell you to exercise, so that you enhance your looks as well as experience sexual arousal easily? Sounds interesting?

Okay then allow me to elaborate. In this piece, I shall deal with the biological and psychological relationship of women’s physical fitness and sexual arousal. The points to follow shall exhibit the ‘How to’ to the aforementioned facts on Women’s sex drive.

1. Gets positivity into being: The gains from exercise makes you feel all the more good about yourself [1]. It elevates mood and a feeling of calmness envelopes you. This very feeling makes you a confidant to ensue up your sex in a fairly satiating manner. All these too good to feel traits are credited to Endorphin – the feel good hormone. Exercising tingles this hormone to be released. Endorphin in turn instigates your sex hormones to discharge. Staying contended (albeit its hard for women to inculcate this feeling – kidding!) leads you to feel comfortable to present yourself in front your partner. Did I mention anytime! And even after exhibiting versatility (looking after family and work) all you ladies shall feel positive and upfront about having sex. This last sentence works only if you’re following a regular exercise regime.

Women who exercise are more confident [2]. Anyone under the sky can infer this fact. What’s more to it is, women who exercise experiences enhanced intimate satisfaction. Added value being that a positive self perception overpowers them. An optimistic approach towards oneself can make women feel that they’re more desirable. And this is one power that can make women the invincible soul. And what shall follow will be, that perfect time with your partner.

This is not even one third of it. Scroll down because exercise…….

2. Gets you motivated: Moving your butt for a steaming intimate session is anytime an easier task. But when it comes to exercising, moving your ass to an inch is like moving mountains. So mix and match the traits of these two important aspects (physical activity and sex). The results shall reveal the effects one’s exercise regime has on their sex drive. Specifically woman. Since you and your partner are together, why not motivate each other to exercise in order to have an enhanced intimacy in bed.  Now leave everything and watch out while I elaborate this valuable tip. You can concentrate on all the other speck exercises on the exercising mat. While the Cardiovascular activities can be worked out on your mattress. So that ways, you end up in a win win situation.

Women are entitled to be convincing over their partners. Men on the other hand are considered to be inclined towards working out. So in a situation counter to this, either of the two sexes can motivate the other to follow an exercise routine. The outcome would deserve a Bravo! These can be counted as the psychological benefits of exercise in amity to intimacy.

To know how biologically all you women are effected, you need to read that, as far as intimacy is concerned, you got know how exercise……

3. Keeps you ever ready: The fairer sex following a calculative 20 minutes of exercise everyday with a 70% target heart rate experience sexual arousal. Not just this, a significant increase in heart beat as well as muscle tension leads to sexual desire in women. As a matter of fact, women are found to appreciate more energy levels after exercise. One fact leads to another, explaining that post exercising, women get more impulsive to erotic content [3] (like a sexually explicit film – may be). So next time you find yourself a little more sensitive to a porn film – deduce that you’re working out well (just for laughs!).

Exercise helps with enhanced sex drive in woman because exercise…..

4. Gets you unburdened: If Exercising accelerates energy pangs, working life is no less tiring. Tediousness lets you to doze off, the moment you crash on your bed. So eventually you sleep which is all the more important. On the other hand, women see themselves as the H.O.Ds of worries and stresses. Well exercising women will counter this claim of mine. Because women who exercise are less prone to stress and worries [4].

Therefore as a crux to the matter, if you’ve slept like a baby the last night and experience stress next to negligible, you are more likely to satisfy your partner sexually.

So now after having said it all, to culminate it, exercise cultivates your sexual drive almost completely. It not only effects you biologically but is also a counterpart to your psychological aspects. Following a regular workout session almost thrice a week, can make you experience eroticism more frequently. Moreover an enhanced quality is rendered. As I previously mentioned, exercising to intensify your intimacy with your partner is anytime a win-win deal for you.

So get going and grab your workout shoes… And yeah tweet us while you get inspired.


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