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7 Awesome Indoor Workouts to Try Before Winter


7 Awesome Indoor Workouts to Try Before Winter


Indoor Workouts to try in Winters

No sun out in the sky, not seen any ray of the sunlight. You have run a lot on the treadmill in these winters and you don’t feel like dreading anymore. The motivation to sweat out in the open had died eventually. But, Hang On !! Don’t let season be a lame excuse for your workout regime. Fulfill all your New Year resolutions to achieve those numbers and figures of muscles and waist. We have some of the best indoor workouts that will bring a drastic change before the ice melts.


Ride it baby

The strong cold winds blowing out are itching. No one would like to cycle in those strong cold breeze. Al least I won’t go out in such a cold! But don’t let this be an excuse. Cycling could be an alternative for your outdoor calorie burning activity. The best thing about this exercise is you can burn hundreds of calories and keep your bones stronger at the same time. Calf, thighs, butts and core gets toned and you don’t have to worry about the helmet or any other head gear (Cool! Isn’t it?)

Swim and burn your calories

Well we know you have enough bucks to have a fitness center membership. But what’s the point of having membership if you don’t utilize it? Drive to your fitness center for indoor pool and swim in the hot geyser-ed water! Yeah! You would love that warm water over your body. And you would love it more as you see your fat burning with least muscle strains!

Indoor Climbing

Not many of us must have heard about it. Also this is not the traditional workout. But if you wish to make yourself mentally stronger, indoor rock climbing is the trick for you. Climbing on walls like a spider man? No! It’s a physical exercise that helps you strengthen your arm muscles, leg muscles and back.

Ice Skating

Well if you wish to have some fun and frill, ice skating is the way for you. Gear up with your ice skates and have the best of fun. Besides the fun factor, the ice skating helps you to improve balance and coordination. Moreover it tones your muscles. And the bonus points you earn is 500 calories burnt in an hour’s time. What else do you want folks?

Hit some kick-ass

A new concept of kick-ass boxing is getting popular now a days. This is one workout where you can literally “kick-ass”! a few bouts in the ring can provide you with complete workout. Feel like Rocky throw some duck, block and punches. This workout improves your stamina and tones your muscles! Be alert before the opponent punches you. Ouch!

Yoga and meditation

Relax yourself! Get rid-off from anxiety, stress and mental stress with some enchants. It has been scientifically proven that yoga improves your flexibility. So meditate and achieve mental peace.

Shake your ass

Dancing is favorite workout for many of us. Shake some ass and booties. I want you to all ears! Did you know that ballet moves cover all the aspects of yoga, bodyweight training and pilates! Get all your dance and aerobics DVD from the shelf and start dancing till the ice melts.

What is your favorite indoor workout? And what prompts you to hit the deck? Share us in the comment below! We will help you out!

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