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17 Great Ways To Happiness

Happiness, Stress

17 Great Ways To Happiness



Smile! Is it that difficult? Oh come on! It just takes few muscles to bring up the sheer happiness on your face. What’s wrong then? Is busy and messed up life keeping you from being up-beaten? But happiness cannot be grabbed tangibly. We need to search the pursuits of happiness among the past memoirs of good marjoram. But memories tarnish with time and age and we are left lamenting, seeking happiness in the materialistic world. Let’s refresh ourselves and find new ways of keeping ourselves happy. Happy? Probably searching our lost happiness in the present circumstances. To bring up that lost smile of your soul, we have these 17 effective steps that make your life cheerful, lively and happier than before.



Sound quite strange, but spending some time getting to know yourself could pay huge well-being dividends. Identify what is it that makes you really happy[1] and try to make sure every aspect of your life is working towards it.


Next time you feel emotional or overwhelmed by feelings, think about what exactly is it that you’re feeling. Instead of using words like “angry” or “upset”, try to think of the reasons behind your feelings, like “jealous” or “frustrated”. Knowing your triggers can help you control your mood.


Research has shown that people who are enthusiastic and demonstrative with their congratulations when their partner does well at something have stronger and longer relationships, so don’t be afraid to let your close ones know when you’re proud of what they’ve done.


Spend some time each day being grateful for what you do have[2] rather than focusing on what you don’t have or what has gone wrong. First thing in the morning or last thing at night is often best to help you get your day in perspective.


Studies show that people feel less anxious while exercising and for the several hours following. It doesn’t need to be for long – you only need to exercise for 20 minutes for this natural tranquilizer to kick in. A brisk walk or even some gardening or housework will work.


The times when people feel overwhelmed and really need help are often the hardest moments of life to ask for help. instead of cutting yourself off and pretending things are fine, allow yourself to ask for, and accept, help and let our friends and family do something useful for you[3].


Try this exercise if you’re feeling low or depressed, or if you’ve got a specific problem you need to solve. Set an alarm for 10 minutes and for that time write Or draw continuously about the issue to help you to release hidden insights.


Research repeatedly shows that loving relationships rather than money lead to people being happier[4] for longer. Don’t neglect the people you love in order to make money and be a success. Spend time with your partner, children. parents and friends, making sure they know they are important to you.


Don’t let bad experiences in the past drag you away from trust worthy friends or partners.

It is better to risk the occasional let-down than to live a life without trusting others, which is seldom happy.


Think about engaging in an activity in which you can loosen yourself up and come out fulfilled and feeling that you’ve done well. Try to figure out what could be the best thing you can deluge yourself in at that moment.


If you’ve got a problem you’re not sure to handle yourself and don’t  wish to share it with friends or family, join a support group. Talking with people who have undergone similar problems can be really helpful.


Try to see people’s lives and your own as a whole. For instance, your friend might have lots of money, but would you rather swap her single life for your relationship?


If you tend to dwell on emotional hurt from the past that you feel may he holding you back, try the homeopathic remedy which could help you to look forward.


Jealousy is a negative emotion and often a hidden one, hut it can be very damaging to relationships. Try not to listen to what outsiders say and trust your own instincts. The Bach flower remedy of holly is said to be good for general jealousy and chicory is thought to be helpful if you are jealous of another’s possessions.


If you’re a naturally anxious and fearful person, the tendency is to think that everyone else is fearless. To get perspective, ask your Friends about what they worry about most and what they are afraid of – remember everyone has something they fear even if they don’t show it.


Discuss problems with your partner or friends when things are good between you. It’s at these times that misunderstandings are less likely to occur, and you’re more likely to sort out problems if neither of you is angry or upset. You are also more likely to see the other’s point of view or simply to agree to disagree.


Trying to be – or pretending to be someone you’re not will only lead to anxiety and tension, and people will see through the false exterior. Don’t be afraid to be yourselfeveryone likes a genuine person more than a wannabe.

Its the small petty things whose even smaller requirements are needed be catered, and of-course following the aforesaid points is all it takes for you to lead the happiest of lives ever.

Being optimistic is another way to keep you at the top of your spirits. To serve this purpose we bring you these 11 ways to be optimistic in the toughest part of your life.


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