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A Cup Of Rainbow Colors Everyday

Happiness, Health

A Cup Of Rainbow Colors Everyday


A Cup Of Rainbow

“Tippy, tippy, tap, tap what color do you want?”

Do you remember this game?  Yes we do, don’t’ we. We chose a color and it gave us our answer.

Similarly, Mother Nature has given us fruits and vegetables filled with nutrients, from which we can choose in order to remain healthy.

Did you know that the color of fruits and vegetables comes along with hidden benefits that even your parents never knew? Did you know just a cupful of these foods could maximize your health? You did not know right.

Well then what are we waiting for.

Let’s explore each color one day at a time and add it to our Everyday Healthy Habits and live life to the fullest.


Day 1: It’s a ‘GREEN’ Day

Green! A symbol of prosperity added to our plates for a prosperous and healthy life. Let’s talk more about it here.

green colored food

Day 2: Color me ‘RED’

Red is the Color of Love and Passion. It also enhances the human appetite. Want to know more. Click here.

significance of red colored foods

Day 3: A Tinge Of YELLOW And ORANGEY Foods

Orange symbolizes energy while Yellow symbolizes a burst of  freshness especially in summers. Lets get energized here.

health significance of orange & yellow foods

Day 4: Cleansing With WHITE Foods

White signifies purity, innocence, wholeness, and completion. Let us learn how to cleanse with white here.

health significance of white foods

Day 5: BLUE and PURPLE Foods

A tint of royalty and calmness which can help us shed those extra pounds. Want to know more. Click here.

purple foods significance in your health

Last updated:  July 4th,  2014

Next update on: Aug 4th, 2014

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