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TRX Training: The Best Possible In-Home Exercise

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TRX Training: The Best Possible In-Home Exercise


The TRX Suspension Training system is rapidly becoming one of the most popular fitness and training systems on the market. The system is used by 27 of the 32 NFL teams as a part of their strength and flexibility program, and every MLB team uses the system.

TRX training


There are a number of elements in strength and muscle development training that benefit from this type of training system. This system is ideal for individuals who are looking to build up their core strength while maintaining optimal strength balance.

Revealing the TRX Training System

At first glance, TRX appears to be a simple piece of training equipment, which is part of its unique genius; however, the versatility that it offers is immensely impressive. For the untrained eye, this piece equipment could be mistaken for an industrial strength resistance band; however, the TRX bands does not stretch. They are designed to allow the participant to use their body as the source of resistance.

Due to the fact that these bands remain taut throughout the movements, the individual is forced to execute the entire movement on their own. Imagine, performing pushups while suspending in midair.

TRX training


This type of exercise forces the core to fully engage in order to provide the stability necessary to carry out the full range of motion necessary to complete the movement.

Another reason that the system is so effective is due to the fact that every movement requires the integration of mobility, stability, strength, balance and coordination that begins with the core muscles and works its way out.

Facilitates Immensely Challenging Workout

While it is important for workouts to be challenging, they should not be so challenging that the movements cannot be performed without proper form. With this in mind, those individuals who have not trained their core muscles in a while will find the TRX training system to be exceptionally challenging at first. It may be necessary to do some extra core training moving it this system to ensure that the exercises can be performed correctly.

While most people tend to train by isolating certain muscles, the TRX training system forces the body to engage every muscle group at some level. For instance, a traditional push up anchors the hands to the ground, which stabilizes the movement.

TRX training


Because the ground does not move, the hands to not move, and the body is not forced to stabilize them; however, when using the TRX straps, the hands have the freedom to move, meaning that multiple muscle groups must be engaged in order to provide the stability necessary to perform the exercise — providing a complete exercise.

Forced stabilization is a consistent theme with this piece of equipment.

The Importance of Nutrition and Supplementation

While the TRX is an exceptional training system, an effective training regimen must be well-rounded. One area in which many people fall short is in the area of nutrition and proper supplementation. Any good fitness trainer will confirm that it is impossible to out train poor nutrition and supplementation.

It is nutritional and supplemental intake that provides the fuel and biological building blocks that are essential to facilitate the workout, as well as initiate and sustain the rebuilding process, which is essential to improving strength and physique. I personally use Progenex as I find their supplements are perfect for my harder workout routines, however, I find that supplements from Amazon work just great for the average person that I train.

Because it is virtually impossible to get all that is necessary to facilitate workouts and recovery through a nutritional intake, a good supplement plan is essential to training success.


Whether it is enhancing protein intake of finding the right supplement to integrate into the pre-workout plan, it is important to make sure that the body has everything it needs to optimize the results.

The TRX training system is designed to challenge the body to use every muscle group to perform all of the exercises that can be performed using this system. This type of full engagement is what makes this system so effective and subsequently so popular.

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