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The Beginner’s Guide To BCAA Supplements


The Beginner’s Guide To BCAA Supplements



1. Amino Acids and BCAAs – Definition

Amino acids or BCAAS (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are wonderful for muscle building and athleticism. Amino acids are the building blocks of any kind of protein. The body’s metabolism breaks down the ingested amino acids and uses them to synthesize essential proteins.

Generally, BCAAs are categorized into three: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. And these all possess a branched chain chemical structure. Each type of BCAA has its own usage and importance.

2. Why do we need amino acids?

Amino acids are an essential part of body building supplements. BCAAs are recommended for delayed muscle soreness that happens after a long resistance and endurance training session. That’s because they possess a muscles strengthening quality leading to less damage after exercise sessions.

Also, BCAAs, especially Leucine is good for shedding extra ounces from the body. Read more about Whey Proteins and how they help in getting a ripped body.

3. How much BCAA should one intake?

Deciding the amount of BCAA one should intake, is a difficult task. However, take up to 3-11 grams of BCAA in a sports drink at least an hour before workout. This would last throughout the session.

The intake for females vary greatly with their body structure. Women having small body structure can take around 4 grams of BCAAs where as the one having larger physique might even require more.

The one going for longer workout may require 12 grams of protein for better endurance.

4. How is BCAAs beneficial?

  1. They help in maintaining muscular mass rather gaining it.
  2. It protects body from ill effects of dieting.
  3. They regulate and increase cellular mechanisms that carry out protein synthesis.

5. Top selling Amino acids & BCAAs brands

1. Muscle Pharm BCAA 3:1:2 Capsules, 240 Count

2. MET-Rx BCAA 2200

3. USP Labs Modern BCAA Plus Nutritional-Supplement

4. MET-Rx Amino 3000 Tablet

5. NOW Foods Branch Chain Amino Acids

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