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Celebrating American Heart Health Month


Celebrating American Heart Health Month


American healthy heart month

Folks its America’s Heart Health Month. Yes, February 2014. And the good news is we are celebrating it too. We’re equally excited as much as you all are. Of course, for what’s cookin’ at Workout Trends for this healthy heart month. Stay rest assured for some really healthier and fitter heart full of content for you this month. As it is, there’s a lot of adrenalin rush expected this month for all you love birds. Valentine’s around the corner and so your heart’s at risk. The love risk.

From heart diseases to heart aches to just a feeble emotion of your heart sinking. Every aspect of your heart, every attribute it exhibits is traversed by us over this America’s Heart Health Month. All you got to do is, wait, but not long enough for our posts to update you with the latest research, basic learning and everything that get your heart going.

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“I knew a kid from the park, who was never allowed to play in teams because he was out of breath after only two minutes of running. His parents thought it was a case of improper nutrition and forced him to eat more and more. Until, one day he fainted and was rushed to hospital, only to be diagnosed with a congenital heart disorder.” Little such complaints from kids are often ignored by parents assuming them to be signs of growing up. Hope that after reading this article, you’ll be more attentive to your kids complaints.

Parents Alert! Do Not Ignore Symptoms of These Heart Diseases in Your Child

So, there is this study on mouthwashes and risk of heart attacks and stroke making rounds on every tabloid, condemning their use, which certainly gave me a mini heart-attack when I first read it. And why not? I use it every day to keep my gums bact- and plaque free. I wondered if something as harmless as this blue solution, could actually punch my heart hard. So, I decided to give a good look to this study by Queen Mary University of London and, this is what I found.

Why Your Mouthwash Will NOT Kill You

“You spend morning reading newspaper, leave for office sitting in car, stay glued to your desk the whole time, and come back home for dinner behind table while watching television.” If you think I just described your routine, trust me, you are no better than a chain smoker. Yeah, you heard me, chain smoker! Sitting all day behind the desk with little movement is the new smoking and this points aptly to how hard a sedentary lifestyle’s kick would hit your ass. And don’t you think an evening exercise can save you from the dangers. So, what can you do to help your heart?

Couch Potato Alert! Sitting is the New Smoking, says Study

When we talk of a healthy lifestyle, importance of diet cannot be neglected. A latest research says traditional Mediterranean diet reduces heart health risks. Don’t go by the name. It’s not a typical diet of Mediterranean region. It is based on a paradox that people living in Mediterranean areas consume fat rich foods and still suffer from lower risks of cardiovascular problems. So, read on to find out how attempting to integrate even 50% of a Mediterranean diet style, can keep your heart hale and hearty.

Mediterranean Diet for A Healthy Heart

“If you don’t feel energetic, get tired easily, dread taking stairs due to breathlessness and have anytime in past felt your chest tightening, then, your heart might be struggling with Aortic stenosis.”  Another heart disorder, in adults, which often gets neglected as a problem that comes with age. Read to know how you can identify the symptoms and avert the risk at a time soon enough for treatment.

A Fatal Heart Condition Exercise Can Reveal

A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association claims that increase in blood pressure during the young adulthood yells a warning for heart attack to occur later in life until their mid age. Narrowing and damaging of arteries. Aneurysm. Coronary Artery Disease. Enlarged left heart. Heart failure. These are sprig of the many devastating effects high blood pressure exhibits. Read to know what larger view this study endorses.

Study: Heart Attack in Middle Age Can Be Predicted At Age 18

There are certain diseases which we prefer concealing within the parameters of our subconsciousness. Erectile Dysfunction is one such . We build walls of misleading, ignored assumptions that something as disastrous as ED will never happen to us. An Australian study recently suggested that men in the age frame of 20-30 with Erectile dysfunction are more likely to face a heart attack or heart stroke later in life, compared to men in the same age frame without erectile dysfunction. Find every thing you need to know about Erectile Dysfunction here.

How Can Erectile Dysfunction Cause Heart Attack?

90% of american adults have more than one symptom of heart disease at some point of their lives.

No wonder why heart disease is the #1 killer, killing approximately one person every minute. The good news is: Heart problems are preventable and treatable as well. And what follows now are 7 tiniest steps you can take to push heart disease a li’l more further. There are also some combos – which enhance the effect all more. In a synergistic manner. Double win or epic loss – take your pick!

Good News! Heart Disease Is Preventable

Keep coming back for more awesome stuff is about to be added here, such as, Things to do for a strong heart, Myths about heart, info on common heart issues like heart burn. Or you ask what you want to know and tag it with #HealthyHeart. 🙂

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