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How Can Erectile Dysfunction Cause Heart Attack???

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How Can Erectile Dysfunction Cause Heart Attack???


How Can Erectile Dysfunction Cause Heart Attack

There are certain diseases which we prefer concealing within the parameters of our subconsciousness. Erectile Dysfunction is one such . We build walls of misleading, ignored assumptions that something as disastrous as ED will never happen to us. Hope and optimism are swelled to their extreme stretch here. Alas, in vain. Even if it leaves hints of occurrence, we chose to keep it in stealth. And that’s where we go wrong.Erectile dysfunction can torment a man till the deepest reach of his mind. And if this happens at an age, as young as 20 years, everything seems topsy turvy. And from then on, many other things start to mess up. An Australian study recently suggested that men in the age frame of 20-30 with Erectile dysfunction are more likely to face a heart attack or heart stroke later in life, compared to men in the same age frame without erectile dysfunction.Emily Banks from National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health in Australia explained that men in the same target group, but with severe erectile dysfunction are prone to ischemic heart disease, peripheral vascular disease and other heart conditions.

What Exactly Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Well, men experience an erection in their penis during a sexual arousal. This happens because fast flowing streams of blood enters the spongy bodies of the penis. Following which men experience an erection. If the signals sent from the brain or the blood pumped from the heart or both do not work effectively, there arises a condition of erectile dysfunction. Due to obvious reasons, men with erectile dysfunction are not capable to perform an intercourse.

What Are The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Many astounding causes, you may not have even thought of, can be a cause for the ever gloomy erectile dysfunction. Have a look:

  1. Drugs such as antidepressants or nicotine or hell even the ones ingested for solving hair loss issues in men, may lead to Erectile dysfunction.
  2. Apparently gum problems can be a reason for erectile dysfunction. This is surprising but gum problems are also connected to some heart disease. Studies suggest that gum problems are cultivated from poor blood flow [1] and therefore it can be concluded that the person may as well have problems of poor blood flow in other parts of the body as well. Such as Penis.
  3. Psychological factors does prompt males to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Sociological factors play the lead role here. If your partner is seemingly not reflecting the same emotions for you or is befriending your male buddies, then there may erupt psychological factors leading not to get an erection. Any sort of negative feelings or depression can also be a cause of Erectile Dysfunction.
  4. Smoking can be one king reason for erectile dysfunction to occur [2]. Smoking provokes your arteries to narrow down. Lesser blood will flow through them and so ED can be caused.
  5. Men with diabetes are more likely to face ED than the others. Feebly regulated blood sugar can damage the small blood vessels and nerves responsible for erection of penis.
  6. High blood pressure forms another reason for erectile dysfunction. An elevation in blood pressure is linked with heart disease risk too. The elasticity of the nerves is loosened and thereby making them incapable of carrying blood through the veins. An immensely disastrous cause connected to high blood pressure is that the medicines gulped in for controlling it may as well contribute their bit in causing ED to occur. However one should not stop taking these medicines all together. Consulting one’s doctor is suggested. Some exercises may as well be incorporated in the lifestyle for lowering of blood pressure.

What Are The Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

The most obvious symptom for ED has to be the lost erection of penis itself. However reduced sexual desire and a diminished libido is counted as another symptom for erectile dysfunction. Symptoms of ED vary to a large extent. Some men may not have an erection at all. Some may erect but could not sustain it for a longer time. Therefore something as unnatural as loss of libido or an inability to get your penis erected are signals for you to go get your doctor consulted for treating erectile dysfunction.

How Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Treated?

  1. As mentioned in the causes, diabetes, heart disease or other psychological condition might be a big cause of erectile dysfunction. Treating these problems can heal erectile dysfunction as well.
  2. The treatment of every case can be unique. Some may require therapies to cure ED whereas some might just get relieved by following some medications or an alteration in diet.
  3. Inculcating a healthy lifestyle is another good treatment your doctor may advise you to follow. This may demand your indulgence in weight loss, performing more exercises and abandoning alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.
  4. Sex Therapies can be applied. These include communication of the patient with some psychologist or an expert doctor holding his forte in dealing cases of erectile dysfunction.
  5. If your doctor prescribes some medicines for combating erectile dysfunction, you may keep a follow up of the same. However only around 30-40 percent of such cases reflect benefits from these medicines.
  6. There are drugs that can be injected directly into the penis if prescribed by your doctor.
  7. Ingesting onion is also said to increase testosterone level [3]. This is to be considered if your tests confirm a lower level of testosterone in your body.
  8. Several types of implants can also be undergone by surgical methods. Doing this, manual erection can be done by the person.

Who To Approach After Diagnosing Erectile Dysfunction?

Hesitant over sharing how you feel over erectile dysfunction is as human as anything else. Diagnosing erectile dysfunction has chances of shattering a man’s self confidence and dwindle his ego to ashes. But conversing it with reliable and obvious bodies will treat and reduce the problem to half. Chose a family member you find yourself more comfortable with. Talk to them. But the best way out would be to go and immediately get yourself consulted to a doctor. There are a lot many things a doctor will be able to answer than any of your friends or you too for that matter.

Does Erectile Dysfunctioning Got To Do Anything With Age?

There are many factors that play their role in fetching erectile dysfunction for you. Height, weight, lifestyle etc. Out of these, age plays the most vital roleErectile dysfunctioning is likely to appear in men reaching age of 50. Younger people are said to have lower chances of ED. whereas elderly people are said to be prone to loosen their genital strength. Therefore to say that ED starts to appear as we grow older could be apparently true. However, improper lifestyle has a lot to do in acquiring ED. Smoking, drinking or eating an unhealthy diet prompts ED to occur.

How Is Erectile Dysfunction Related To Any Heart disease?

The arteries and blood vessels of penis are a lot more sensitive and smaller compared to the arteries of other organs leading to the heart. This forms a dominating reason for the arteries of the penis to be blocked with plaque first. This results in hampering the blood to flow into the penis and making it erect. Therefore a blockage in the penis arteries (Erectile dysfunctioning) is talked of as a bridge that has many possibilities to reach a heart attack.

Erectile dysfunction pays its debt to not only physical but also psychological factors. It is the recuperating of both of these that can revive your sexual abilities. Therefore the underlying message asks you to stay fit, not only physically but also mentally.

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