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11 Awesome Cardio -Bodyweight Exercises


11 Awesome Cardio -Bodyweight Exercises



Wish to have best from your cardio workout? Want to have the benefits of bodyweight exercises with your normal cardio routine?

I heard someone say that getting the best results out of my cardio sessions on the floor is a hard deal.

You might be having the same thought too. Isn’t it? Indeed, it is difficult. But letting yourself feel bad with this thought is not a strong man’s game.

You have to hit on the deck no matter how difficult its going to be.

Don’t worry because we have you covered with high intensity bodyweight exercises that can double up your effort during normal cardio sessions and strength improvement.

We have the best 11 cardio based bodyweight exercises that will help you grab the maximum out of your workout. Here you go:

Energy Skip

This is not an easy piece of exercise for just anyone. You need a lot of energy within you to perform this exercise. Raise your right arm overhead and left foot to your knee level and stand on the right foot. Go for 10-15 high energy skips!


You must have done this during your childhood days. Climb up the stairs briskly and get down in the same manner. Fun isn’t it? Try as fast as you can and see your heart beat rising. For daily routine, avoid using the escalator in malls and elevators at work or home.

Knees High

Stand straight. Now jump and raise your knees as high as possible. Try doing this after you are balanced after an easy landing. Try this for at least 30 seconds .

Push Jump

Stand still with your knees bend. Hang on dude! It’s not that easy. Now jump and try to bring your knees as close to your chest as you can. Keep your hands forward and parallel to the ground as you do so. Just imagine yourself riding in air! You got me!

Mountain Climb

No, I am not taking you to any adventure trip. I wish I could.

Now here’s how we do it.

Bend down on your hands and knees such that your body is shaped as a mountain when seen from the side. Now quickly bring in your left foot towards your right chest while still staying in the same position and take it back to the same position. Repeat the same pattern with the right leg. Carry out 10 repetitions for each leg.

Wood Push Up

Stand like a piece of wood with forearms on the side facing the ground. Get into the push up position with one arm and get back to the wood position. Try this exercise faster for 10-15 times.


Take a bench close to your right foot. Raise the right knee and bring the foot closer to the bench but not actually stepping on to it. Now practice the same for 15-20 times and see the adrenaline rush.


This one is difficult even for the toughest guys on the planet. But giving a try is worth it! Squat down, touch the ground and jump like a frog. Keeps your arms erect.

Leg Hop

Find the hidden rabbit inside you. Stand on one foot, jump ahead and get back to ground on the same foot. Try this for 8-10 times.

Cycle Ride

Lie back with your knees up. Now start riding a bicycle! Carry this exercise for 30 reps!

Boxing Cut

Get into boxing position with one of the leg ahead of the other. Punch the fist in sky. Keep doing this alternately for 30 seconds.

These aerobic exercises and cardio workouts will do wonders if they are followed religiously.

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Last Update: 8th Aug 2014

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